Great Kiskadee(Pitangus sulphuratus)

There are several historical Great Kiskadee records that have not been examined by the LBRC. The following records pertain only to Great Kiskadee records thus far accepted by the LBRC.

Accepted Records

One (93-11) from 26 Nov. 1992-9 Mar. 1993, Vermilion: S of Intracoastal City; W. P. Edwards III (ph). This record did not appear in AB or LOS.
This is the first record of this species reviewed and accepted by the LBRC; this species has not been reported in Louisiana since 1978.

One (1992-14; formerly 93-34) on 26 Apr 1993, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, Holleyman Sanctuary; John P. O'Neill.

One (99-16) from 17 Apr to 5 Aug 1999, Plaquemines: below Venice, Tidewater Road near junction with road to Venice Marina/Bud’s Boat Launch; Elisabeth Jeanclos (ph taken 17 Apr), R. Martin Guidry (ph taken 7 May), Joseph P. Kleiman (ph taken May and 5 Aug), Karen Fay (ph taken 5 Aug), Dave Patton (ph taken 22 May), and John P. Sevenair; NAB 53(3): 290, 53(4): 397, LOS News 187: 3. A nest was constructed in summer 1999, but there was never any evidence that more than one individual was present. Subsequent sightings of (presumably) the same individual from the period Jan-Sep 2000 will be reviewed separately.

One (00-53) on 7 Nov 2000-28 Jul 2001, Plaquemines: below Venice, in vicinity of junction of Tidewater Road and road to Venice Marina/Bud's Boat Launch, and also at end of Tidewater Road; Jim Holmes (ph taken 7 Nov), David P. Muth, Phillip Wallace (ph taken 27 Jan), B. Mac Myers III (card only), M. Mark Swan (card only, ph taken 7 Jan & 17 Feb), and Lehman L. Ellis (card only); LOS News 198: 13, NAB 55(3): 309. Presumably, this record involves the same bird as for record No. 99-16 above.

One (2003-042) on 27 December 2003 (New Orleans CBC), Orleans: New Orleans, off I-10 by swamp tours near Bayou Sauvage; Rosemary Seidler (ph).

Photo by Rosemary Seidler

Two (2006-037) on 17 November 2006, Vermilion: N edge White Lake WCA; Erik I. Johnson.

One (2007-06) from at least 31 Jan-20 Feb 2007, St. Tammany: near Military Road at Hwy. 190, approximately 2 mi. SE of Slidell; location also given by D. Bosler as “at private pond on Turtleback Glade Drive, at the terminus of Douglas Drive in the Quail Ridge subdivision;” Craig Lucker, Devin Bosler (ph), Justin Bosler (ph only) and Craig Mineo (ph only); NAB61(2):281.

Photo by Justin Bosler

One (2008-068) on 13 April 2008, Cameron: Hwy. 82, just E Sabine Pass; Jonathan L. Dunn.

One (2008-56) from 4 November 2008 to 17 January 2009, Cameron: South Talen’s Road near intersection of PR-109 in extreme NE corner of parish; R. Martin Guidry (ph), Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Paul E. Conover (ph only), and Dave Patton (ph). First reported by James W. Beck (ph).

One (2009-29) 14 April 2009, Vermilion: White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area, vicinity of lodge approx. 8 mi. S of Gueydan; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

Two, pair with nest (2009-48) from 2 May-9 September 2009, Cameron: Nunez Woods opposite Rockefeller Refuge; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Devin Bosler (ph), and Tom Finnie (ph). First nest still intact but possibly abandoned by 6-14 June, and obviously abandoned and dilapidated by 26 July. Second nest discovered about ˝ mi. away by DLD and SWC on 26 July, then found damaged and abandoned on next visit 3 September. Two molting adults remained in nearby Nunez Woods 3-9 September.

Photo by Tom Finnie

One (2009-42) on 16 April 2009, Cameron: Oak Grove, vicinity Oak Grove Sanctuary; Jacob Saucier (ph).

Photo by Jacob Saucier

Two to three (2010-82) on 19 December 2010-3 January 2011, Cameron: Hackberry, in vicinity of Maggie Hebert Road; Thomas Finnie (ph), Robert C. Dobbs (ph), Devin Bosler (ph). Reportedly found on the Sabine NWR CBC by Matthew T. Pontiff and Gary J. Pontiff.

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One pair (2011-068) on 7 April 2011, Vermilion: White Lake Wetland Conservation Area, vicinity of White Lake Lodge, approximately 6 mi. S of Gueydan; Toddy Guidry (ph), Jay V. Huner, and B. Mac Myers III (ph). See also record no. 2011-073 below.

Photo by Toddy Guidry

One (2011-070) on 3 and 9 October 2011, Cameron: Oak Grove, Oak Grove Sanctuary/Rutherford Motel Woods; Melvin Weber (ph), Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff. See also LBRC no. 2011-069.

Photo by Melvin Weber

One (2011-072) from 4 November -16 December 2011, Jefferson Davis: Niblett Road ca. 2.2 mi. W of Hwy. 99; Justin Bosler (ph), and Bill Fontenot and Walker Wilson (ph).

Photo by Justin Bosler

One (2011-071) on 17 December 2011 and two in same vicinity on 23 December 2011, Cameron: Hackberry, 191 Floyd Little Road; Jeffrey W. Harris (ph) and Mary Mehaffey (ph).

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

Two (2011-073) on 28 December 2011, Vermilion: White Lake Wetland Conservation Area, vicinity of White Lake Lodge; Daniel F. Lane (ph). These individuals are probably the same pair present at this site since 2009, e.g., see record no. 2011-068.

One (2012-012; changed from 2011-069) from 30 April-8 May 2011, Cameron: Oak Grove, Oak Grove Sanctuary/Rutherford Motel Woods; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, David L’Hoste, James Beck (ph), B. Mac Myers III (ph), and Justin Bosler (ph). This is likely one of two present and reported off and on since Spring 2009. See also LBRC nos. 2009-42, 2009-43, and 2011-012.

Photo by B. Mac Myers III

One (2012-153) on 27 December 2012; Vermilion: White Lake WCA, White Lake Lodge; J. V. Remsen. One (2013-065) on 31 January 2013; Cameron: E. end Nunez Rd. off of Montie Rd., ca 8 mi. E Grand Chenier on Hwy. 82, N 29. 740267o; W 92.843817o; Walker Wilson (ph).

Photo by Walker Wilson

One (2013-067) on 4-5 February 2013, Calcasieu: Sulphur, Hidden Ponds RV Park, 1201 Ravia Rd. and adjacent neighborhood; Joseph Zygala.

One (2013-076) on 25 April and 1 May 2013, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou; Will Lewis.

One (2013-036) on 7 September 2013, Orleans: Bayou Sauvage NWR on Recovery Rd.; David P. Muth (ph) and Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One (2014-015) on 19 February 2014, Cameron: 100 m E of intersection of Hwy. 82 and Parish Rd. 140; Dan O’Malley (ph).

Photo by Dan O’Malley

One (2014-050) on 22 April 2014, Cameron: Lighthouse Road Woods, E. side of Sabine Pass, W Johnsons Bayou and S Hwy. 82; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul E. Conover

Unaccepted Records

One (2005-054) on 22 October 2005, Ouachita: Monroe, Black Bayou Lake NWR. The report mentioned that the same or another Great Kiskadee was present on 4 December 2005 at a residence 0.5-1 mi. from this location. Although all Members believed that a Great Kiskadee may have been seen and heard, the supporting documentation based on memory submitted 4+ years later by only one of the observers involved was not adequate to support this record for northern Louisiana.

One (2007-037) on 3 February 2007, no parish listed: Intracoastal waterway south of Lafayette. The observer obtained only a brief view from a moving vehicle. All Members believed that, although this species is very distinctive, better viewing conditions would have been required to be certain of the identification.

One (2011-113) on 19 April 2011, Cameron: Peveto Woods Sanctuary. Although quite possibly correctly identified, the observation was brief, and identification based primarily on a single call. There was no discussion by the observer arguing against the possibility that another birder (at this popular birding location) could have broadcast the call.

wo, presumably a pair (2011-155), on 19 April 2011, Vermilion: White Lake WCA Lodge. This observation was at a known location for the species, other observers were present, and it was obviously anticipated that a number of reports would be submitted, reinforcing a “communal” sighting. However, only this single very superficial report was received. Although the observer described glimpsing a kiskadee-like bird and hearing one call, Members were not convinced by the evidence and were concerned that, with other birders present, the reporting observer could have heard “playback.” If other observers who were present at the time come forward with additional documentation, then the LBRC can revisit this report.

One (2013-092) on 22 December 2013, Vermilion: White Lake WCA, NE of White Lake WCA Lodge. The report involved hearing a single call. Despite being at a known locality for this species, a majority of Members were reluctant to accept based on a single call. The LBRC stresses that it is extremely important to confirm heard-only encounters by hearing multiple/repeated vocalizations and carefully discussing how similar-sounding species, “mimics,” and human playback was eliminated from consideration.