Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus)

Number of accepted Red-necked Phalarope records for Louisiana = 17 as of October 2017

Accepted Records

One adult female (1966-01) in alternate plumage on 8 May 1966, Cameron: 10 mi. W Johnsons Bayou; George H. Lowery Jr. (LSUMZ 51246). This represents the first state record (Lowery 1974).

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

Three to four (1982-26) on Fourchon Road, Lafourche Parish from 12-18 September 1982 (B. Mac Myers III*,Nancy L. Newfield,Tristan Davis;Norton Nelkin*).

One immature (1985-36; formerly 86-20) collected (LSUMZ 126654) at Hackberry Ridge, Cameron Parish, on 22 December 1985 (Donna L. Dittmann, Steven W. Cardiff). One female in worn juvenal plumage (1986-71) on 1 Nov. 1986, Cameron: 1 mi. E mouth Calcasieu Pass; J.V. Remsen (LSUMZ #131084; Purrington 1987, p. 101).

One immature female (1999-61) on 10 Oct 1999, Gulf of Mexico: South Marsh Island 147 oil platform, 93 mi. S of W. tip of Marsh Island, 28o 13’ 40” N, 92 o 00’ 60” W; Richard L. Knight (LSUMZ; Donna L. Dittmann 6653); NAB 54(1): 62.

One female (2001-11) in alternate plumage on 7-12 May 2001, Cameron: road to Sabine Pass Lighthouse, approx. 1/2 mi. E of Sabine Pass; Roger J. Breedlove, Dave Patton, Joseph P. Kleiman (ph taken 7 May), Jason Weckstein (ph taken 7 May), and M.Mark Swan (ph taken 8 May; late date by Judy Fruge, fide Swan); LOS News 198: 12, NAB 55(3): 309.

Photos by Mark Swan

One male primarily in juvenal plumage (2001-68) on 7 Oct 2001, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, 2 mi. WSW of Johnsons Bayou School; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 172663) and Donna L. Dittmann (*).

Two (one female; one unsexed) molting to 1st basic plumage (2002-50) on 18 Sep 2002, Gulf of Mexico: 41 mi. SE of mouth South Pass of Mississippi River, 28o39'37.1"N, 88o37'49.8"W; B. Mac Myers III (LSUMZ 173466-173467), Steven W. Cardiff, and Donna L. Dittmann (*); NAB57(1):73.

One female in mostly 1st basic plumage (2006-58) on 3 Oct 2006, Gulf of Mexico: about 29 mi. SW of mouth Southwest Pass of Mississippi River, 28o38'03.2"N, 89o28'25" W; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 179800) and Donna L. Dittmann (*); NAB61(1):86.

Two (2007-45) on 26 September 2007, Iberville: North Farm [east edge Atchafalaya Basin, north of Ramah]; Michael A. Seymour (ph).

Photo by Michael A. Seymour

Two molting from juvenal to basic plumage (2009-68) on 27 September 2009, Gulf of Mexico: on rip line at Mississippi Canyon, ca. 34 mi. (28 nm) SW of mouth Southwest Pass, 28o 32’ 12.0”N, 89o 47’ 09.9”W; John P. Sevenair (ph), Devin Bosler (ph), and Dave Patton (ph).

Photo by John P. Sevenair

One male (2010-54) on 6 May 2010, Plaquemines: Chaland Headlands between Bastian Island and Chaland Pass (ca 15 mi. ENE of Grand Isle); Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff.

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One male (2010-29) on 20 May 2010, Terrebonne: Isles Dernieres, Whiskey Island; Steven W. Cardiff and Dave Patton (ph).

Photo by Dave Patton

One adult female (2011-098) on 18 May 2011, Terrebonne: west tip Grand (Big) Timbalier Island; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff (ph).

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One (2011-049) on 16-17 October 2011, Vermilion: near S end Larry Road, approximately 3 mi. SSW Indian Bayou; Paul E. Conover (ph ) and Jeffrey W. Harris.

Photo by Paul Conover

One in non-breeding plumage (2014-074) on 8-9 October 2014, Livingston: Denham Springs, Denham Springs Wastewater Department; J. V. Remsen (ph) and Matt Brady (ph).

Photo by Matt Brady

One adult male in breeding plumage (2015-038) on 28 May 2015, Cameron: Rutherford Beach; Billy Jones (ph) and Tom Finnie (ph).

Photo by Billy Jones

Unaccepted Records

One bird (89-154) from 4-9 Sep. 1989, Lafourche: E of Fourchon Road, "Fourchon Pond" (AB 44(1):106). Because of the great distances at which this bird was observed, most Members believed that it would have been difficult to separate Red-necked from Red Phalarope (P. fulicaria). Also of concern was the fact that a Red Phalarope was found a few weeks later at the same location. This record is best left as Red/Red-necked phalarope.

Two in non-breeding plumage (2006-031) on 10 October 2006, Gulf of Mexico: Green Canyon Block 610, N 27.943611o, W 92.029167o. Photos submitted appeared to show Juvenal plumaged Sanderlings.

One adult in non-breeding plumage (2008-032) on 25 April 2008, Jefferson Davis: Hwy. 101, ca 4 mi. N Hwy. 14 at Hayes. The description did not include very much detail on the shorebird’s relative size, shape, bill proportions, and details of the bird’s behavior also did not seem to reflect what is typical for this species. These concerns plus the fact that the bird was in winter plumage in late April and found at an inland location, raised enough doubt to result in non-acceptance of the report.