Green-tailed Towhee (Pipilo chlorurus)

Number of accepted Green-tailed Towhee records for Louisiana = 34 as of July 2015

Accepted Records

Prior to fall/winter 2011-2012, Louisiana had only nine accepted Green-tailed Towhee records.
The fall/winter 2011-2012 season produced an unprecedented number of reports, more than doubling the
previous total of accepted records for the state with some reports still pending.
See also the 2012 LBRC Newsletter,
especially the Green-tailed Towhee article on page 13.

Accepted Records

One male (1952-04) on 26 December 1952, Cameron: 6 mi. W of Holly Beach; George H. Lowery, Jr. (mount, LSUMZ 71). This is a first state record.

One (1957-02) on 13 Apr 1957, Cameron: Willow Island near Cameron; John P. Gee and Robert J. Newman (LSUMZ 22055; Marcella Newman*). This was the third state record and second specimen.

Green-tailed Towhee (Pipilo chlorura) (1979-08; formerly 81-24). One adult seen 14 October 1979 by D. Bruce Crider and Stanley Heath at Holly Beach, Cameron Parish. Fifth Louisiana record.

Green-tailed Towhee (Pipilo chlorura) (1979-09; formerly 81-25). One adult seen 16 December 1979 by D. Bruce Crider at Peveto Beach Woods, Cameron Parish. Sixth Louisiana record.

One (1983-7) found in a field south of LSU, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish on 5 February 1983 and remained for several weeks (Carol O'Neill*,Tristan Davis, Tom Schulenberg)

One immature female (1988-45; formerly 89-38) on 12 Dec. 1987- 1 Feb. 1988, Cameron: Garner Ridge; Jim Holmes, Jr., Curt Sorrells, Phillip Wallace, Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ #135121; AB 42(2):278).

One (1995-98) on 6 Nov 1995, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, Holleyman Sanctuary; Robby J. Bacon; LOS News 168: 7.

One immature male (2000-79) on 28 Dec 2000, Evangeline: Millers Lake; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 171867; DLD) and Donna L. Dittmann.

One (2009-25) on 16 Feb 2009, Terrebonne: Mandalay NWR nature trail; Judy Quinalty (ph only).

Photo by Judy Quinalty

One (2011-080) on 29 October 2011, Iberia: 1.9 mi. SW of Patoutville sugar mill , N 29.891131°, W 91.759043°; Matt Conn (ph).

Photo by Matt Conn

One (2011-081) from 4 November 2011-28 January 2012, Jefferson Davis : W Niblett Road near intersection of Clyde Road; Daniel F. Lane, Jacob Cooper, Bill Fontenot , Walker Wilson (ph), and Michael G. Harvey.

Photo by Walker Wilson

One (2011-082) from 7 November 2011, Rapides: Elbow Slough WMA, S side of Hwy. 3170 approximately 0.25 mi. W of intersection with Hwy. 1; Jay V. Huner (ph) and Rosemary Seidler (ph).

Photo by Rosemary Seidler

One (2011-083) on 12 November 2011, Red River: Red River National Wildlife Refuge, Bayou Pierre Unit, Yates Tract, N 32.11247°, W 93.46450°; Larry R. Raymond and Jeff Trahan (ph). Bird reportedly found by Terry Davis.

Photo by Jeff Trahan

One (2011-084) on 30 November-7 December 2011, Acadia: W. side Leger Road, ˝ mi. S Mark Twain Road, 4.9 mi. SSE Crowley; Michael A. Seymour (ph), Erik I. Johnson, Jeffrey W. Harris, and Tom Trenchard.

Photo and video by Michael Seymour

One (2011-107) on 17 December 2011, Cameron: Cameron, Cedar St.; Justin Bosler (ph). Reportedly originally found by Melvin Weber.

Two (2011-085) on 18 December 2011, Cameron: at SE end of Coastal Club Road (Hwy. 384, E of Fruge Road); Phillip A. Wallace (ph). David P. Muth found the first of two birds present together.

Photo by Phillip Wallace

One (2011-135) on 18 December 2011, Calcasieu: Hwy. 397, 1.1 mi. W Hwy. 27, 13 mi. SSE Lake Charles; Erik I. Johnson.

One (2011-143) on 28 December 2011, Vermilion: Joe Rd., 6.5 mi. SW Kaplan; Erik I. Johnson.

One (2011-139) on 28 December 2011, Vermilion: Euphemon Rd., 5.7 mi. WSW Kaplan; Erik I. Johnson (ph).

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2012-157; presumably the same individual) on 2 & 19 January 2012, Bossier: 0.7 mi. S lock and dam #5 on Red River near Ninock; Terry Davis.

One (2012-104) on 5 January 2012, Cameron: Little Chenier Rd., 4.7 mi. NE Creole; Erik I. Johnson (ph).

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2012-106) on 16 January 2012, Cameron: Broussard Beach Rd., 2.9 mi. ESE Cameron; Erik I. Johnson (ph).

One (2012-156) on 16 January 2012, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, behind the library at 4586 Gulf Beach Highway; David J. Ringer.

One (2012-005) on 21 January-5 February 2012, Plaquemines: Foster’s Road off Hwy. 23 near W Pointe a la Hache; Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), and Robert D. Purrington (ph).

Photo by Dan Purrington

One (2012-006) on 22 January 2012, Cameron: approximately 6 mi. E of Cameron, just E of Willow Island area; Paul E. Conover (ph) and Dave Patton (ph).

Photo by Dave Patton, video by Paul Conover

One (2012-108) on 27 January 2012, Jefferson Davis: Ardoin Cove Rd., 0.45 mi. E LeBlanc Rd., 3.7 mi. SW Welsh; Erik I. Johnson (ph).

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2012-007) on 5 February 2012, Cameron: Little Chenier, on Little Chenier Road 1-2 mi. E of Muria Road; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

One (2012-112) on 5-6 February 2012, Jackson: vicinity NE corner of parish, N 32.487694o, W 92.467583o; Stephen L. Pagans (ph).

Photo by Stephen L. Pagans

One heard only (2012-102) on 7 February 2012, Caddo: Hartz Island Rd. at Gayle Levee; Terry Davis.

One (2012-116) on 17 & 19 February 2012, Vermilion: intersection Hwy. 690 X Hawk Rd., 5.8 mi. SSW Abbeville; Erik I. Johnson (ph).

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2012-019) on 19 February 2012, Tangipahoa: NW of Husser, N side of Neal Road, 75 ft. W of intersection with Hwy. 445; Harvey Patten and Janine Robin (ph).

Photo by Janine Robin

One (2012-008) on 19 February-24 March 2012, Jefferson Davis: Miller Oilfield Road just W of Oilfield Road, W of Welsh landfill and approximately 3 mi. NE of Lacassine; Paul E. Conover (ph), Tom Finnie (ph), Justin Bosler (ph on p. 13), Erik I. Johnson (ph), James Beck (ph), and Jay V. Huner (ph only).

Photo by Tom Finnie, video by Paul Conover

One (2012-100) on 25 February 2012, Jefferson Davis: 0.5 mi. S from intersection of Miller Oilfield Road, approximately 3 mi. NE of Lacassine; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

One (2012-025) on 4 March 2012, St. Tammany: Money Hill Golf Estates, Janine Robin (ph) and Mary Mehaffey (ph).

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

One (2012-079) on 24 March 2012, Cameron: neighborhood adjacent to BRAS Peveto Woods Sanctuary; Erik I. Johnson and B. Mac Myers III (ph).

Photo by Mac Myers

One (2012-054) on 20 October 2012, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

Unaccepted Records

One (2011-128) on 30 October 2011, Caddo: Shreveport, 204 Stephenson St. This was a “heard-only” report and was based on just a single call note. All Members believed a single call inadequate to support confirmation of this species.

One (2012-105) on 14 January 2012, Cameron: Peveto Woods Sanctuary. Although possibly correctly identified, views were poor, the bird was not heard, and most Members believed that the very brief description did not confirm this species or eliminate a White-crowned Sparrow.