Black-throated Gray Warbler,  Setophaga nigrescens

Number of accepted Black-throated Gray Warbler records for Louisiana = 28 as of July 2015

Accepted Records

One immature male (1979-14; formerly 89-35) on 10 Nov. 1979, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, J. V. Remsen (LSUMZ #91286; AB 34(2):172).

One, probable immature female by plumage, (1982-50; formerly 89-108) on 12 Sep. 1982, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge; Steven W. Cardiff, TJD (LSUMZ #107862, gonads destroyed; AB 37(2): 192).

One immature male (1982-47; formerly 89-70) on 24 Oct. 1982, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, J. V. Remsen (LSUMZ #107863; AB 37(2):192).

One immature female (1982-48; formerly 89-106) on 14 Nov. 1982, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge; Steven W. Cardiff, TSS (LSUMZ #107864), JVR, TJD, MAJ (AB 37(2):192).

One adult female (1988-121; formerly 89-105) on 6 Nov. 1988, Cameron: approx. 5 mi. E Cameron; Donna L. Dittmann & Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ #138260; AB 43(0:119).

One immature female (1989-34; formerly 90-109) on 11 Nov. 1989, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou; Donna L. Dittmann, Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ152216) (AB 44(1):108).

One (probable immature) male (90-80) on 27 Oct. 1990, Cameron: Peveto Beach Woods (Holleyman Sanctuary); John P. Sevenair, Mark Swan, and Greg W. Lasley (AB 45(1):117).

One adult male (1990-03; formerly 91-11) on 30 Dec. 1990, Plaquemines: Venice (near the radio tower); Andrew W. Kratter (drawing) (AB 45(2):285).

One female or immature male (92-67) on 24 Oct 1992, Cameron: [Johnsons Bayou], Holleyman Migratory Bird Sanctuary; Curtis A. Marantz; AB 47(1): 107 (reference therein to "15 Oct" apparently pertains to a separate record (No. 92-61, below) which was actually on 25 Oct.

One immature (92-61) on 25 Oct 1992, Cameron: Rutherford Beach; Roger J. Breedlove (see comments for citation above).

One male (94-64) from 2-26 Jan. 1994, Plaquemines: 1/4 mi. SE of Fort Jackson; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 159819) and Donna L. Dittmann (AB 48(2):217). Most likely the same individual, originally found by R. D. Purrington and Allan Strong, on the Venice CBC (FN 48(4):697,890).

One adult female (1995-154) on 17 Dec 1995, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, chenier behind Johnsons Bayou High School; Matthew T. Pontiff, Phillip A. Wallace, Larry Semo (notes with sketch only), David P. Muth (card only); NASFN50(2)182. Reportedly found by Jim Holmes, Jr. (fide Muth card).

One adult male (1995-155) on 27 Dec 1995, Cameron: Oak Grove, Rutherford Motel; Roger J. Breedlove. Reportedly found previous day during Creole CBC by Robby J. Bacon.

One male (1996-55) on 17 Sep 1996, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, parish road H6 off Smith Ridge Road; Brian P. Gibbons (ph only); NASFN51(1):71.

One (98-138) on 29 Sep 1998, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, chenier 1 mi. W of Martin Beach Road; Melissa A. Powell (ph).

One adult male (2004-02) from 8-25 Feb 2004, Orleans: New Orleans, City Park (Couturie Arboretum); Ed Wallace (ph) and Phillip A. Wallace (ph); NAB58(2):242.

Photos by Phillip Wallace

One adult female (2005-17) on 30 Jan 2005, Plaquemines: woods at Fort Jackson; Phillip A. Wallace (ph) and David P. Muth (ph only); NAB59(2):281.

One immature female (2005-21) on 19 Mar 2005, Plaquemines: Venice; David P. Muth, Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 178183); NAB59(3):448.

One female (2006-32) on 28 Oct 2006, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Grand Isle State Park east; Devin Bosler (video) and Jane Patterson (ph only); NAB61(1):87.

One male (2007-83) on 30 December 2007, Plaquemines: Fort Jackson woods; Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One female (2007-86) on 30 December 2007, Plaquemines: Triumph (Morrell’s) Woods, approximately 2 mi. N Fort Jackson; Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One immature female (2007-78) from 16 December 2007-13 January 2008, Plaquemines: 1 mi. SW Fort Jackson; Phillip A. Wallace (ph on 30 Dec) and Steven W. Cardiff (SWC 8651). Originally found by Robert D. Purrington (ph). See also LBRC 2007-83 and 2007-86.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One immature female (2008-44) on 21 September 2008, Cameron: Peveto Woods; Paul E. Conover (ph) and Dave Patton (ph only).

Photo by Dave Patton

One female (2010-88) on 20 October 2010, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Alan Kneidel and Malcolm Mark Swan (ph only).

Photo by Mark Swan

One immature male (2011-078) on 18 December 2011-28 January 2012, Cameron: Hacketts Corner, Hwys. 27 X 384, E of Sweet Lake; Steven W. Cardiff (ph) and Donna L. Dittmann (ph), and Michael G. Harvey.

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One adult female (2012-030) from 2 December 2012-14 March 2013, Jefferson: Grand Isle, TNC Landry-LeBlanc Tract; Robert D. Purrington, Erik I. Johnson (ph), Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Jay V. Huner, Devin Bosler, Justin Bosler (ph only), Jacob Cooper, and David Bridge.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One adult female (2013-052) on 22 December 2013-30 January 2014, Jefferson: Grand Isle, TNC Landry-LeBlanc Tract woods behind Sureway Supermarket; Robert C. Dobbs (ph) and Dan O’Malley (ph). Presumably same female (2012-030) that wintered at this site previous season.

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One immature male (2015-003) from 4 January-11 March 2015, Orleans: New Orleans, City Park, vicinity Roosevelt Mall Dr.; Janine Robin, Tom Trenchard (ph), and Oscar Johnson (ph).

Photo by Tom Trenchard

Unaccepted Records

One adult male (1998-144) on 8 Feb 1998, Vermilion: Abbeville. This “singing” bird was observed without binoculars. The plumage description is compelling but does not provide quite enough detail to support identification and eliminate similar species. That this bird was singing in early February was considered odd. All but one member believed that there was not enough information to discount a case of mistaken identity.

One (2004-041) on 11 September 2004, Rapides: Boyce, 428 Hickory Hill Dr., E. side Cotile Lake. Lighting conditions during the observation were poor, the observer could not determine sex/age of the bird, and the identification was at least in part a process of elimination. These factors made Members uncomfortable with accepting the report.