Brown Booby,  Sula leucogaster

Number of accepted Brown Booby records for Louisiana >20 as of July 2017


Accepted Records

One male (1954-02) on 12 June 1954, Gulf of Mexico: 27o N, 92o 40’ W [=177 mi. S Rockefeller Refuge]; Harvey R. Bullis (LSUMZ 20190, photo below).

One (1985-26) photographed about 20 miles South-southeast of Southwest Pass at the mouth of the Mississippi River (Plaquemines Parish) from 29 May to 8 June 1985 (MM). This bird was an immature, not an adult as previously reported (Imhof 1985).

One immature female (1998-131) on 13 Oct 1998, Gulf of Mexico: about 24 mi. S of South Pass Mississippi River, 28o 38’ 98” N, 89o 04’ 65” W; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 165986; DLD) and Donna L. Dittmann; NAB 53(1): 62.

One (1999-64) on 9 Oct 1999, Gulf of Mexico: South Pass 89B oil platform, 45 mi. SSE of Grand Isle, 28o 40’ 11.2” N, 89o 23’ 36.7” W; Karl Bardon (ph); NAB 54(1): 61.

One (2000-82) on 16 Mar 2000, Gulf of Mexico: South Pass 89B oil platform, 45 mi. SSE of Grand Isle, 28o 40’ 11.2” N, 89o 23’ 36.7” W; Karl Bardon (ph).

One immature male (2006-60) on 3 Oct 2006, Gulf of Mexico: approximately 20 mi. SW of mouth Southwest Pass of Mississippi River, 28o42'50.9²N, 89o36'44.3²W; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 179762) and Donna L. Dittmann (*); NAB61(1):85.

One immature (2008-48) on 1 June 2008, Cameron: Holly Beach; Josh Sylvest and J. V. Remsen (ph only).

Photo by James V. Remsen

One in juvenal plumage (2008-50) on 4 July & 18 July 2008, Terrebonne: Isles Dernieres, Wine Island, 29.0955o N, 90.6108o W; Justin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Justin Bosler

One adult (2013-035) on 31 August 2013, Plaquemines: Mississippi River, between Delta NWR and Pilottown; Dan O’Malley (ph), Erik I. Johnson (ph), David P. Muth, and Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip Wallace

Three near adults (2013-042) on 24 October-4 November 2013, Calcasieu: N end of Calcasieu Lake; Thomas Finnie (ph), Dave Patton (ph), B.Mac Myers III (ph), Jay V. Huner, and Mary Mehaffey (ph). Originally discovered by Kevin Savoie and last date fide Matt Pontiff (fide LABIRD).

Photo by Thomas Finnie

One adult (2013-050) on 27 December 2013-7 January 2014; St. Tammany: Lake Pontchartrain, ½ mi. offshore from Madisonville Boat Launch and ranging to Causeway bridge (Jefferson); Christopher C. Brantley (ph), Janine Robin (additional report) (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), and Cham Mehaffey. Reportedly first found by Heydi Lopes on the St. Tammany CBC and confirmed later that day with assistance of Linden O’Quinn who took observers out by boat.

Photo by Janine Robin

Four, including at least two adults and one immature (2015-002), on 1 January 2015, St. Tammany: Mandeville, Lake Pontchartrain; Cathy DiSalvo and Lizette Wroten (ph only).

Photo by Lizette Wroten

One immature (2015-021) on 23 March 2015, Gulf of Mexico: ca 170 mi. S Marsh Island, N27.014455°, W91.747738°; Paul Sweet (ph).

Photo by Paul Sweet

Up to 20, including up to 15 adults/near adults and 5 immatures (2015-022) from 28 March-25 December 2015, St. Tammany and Jefferson parishes: general vicinity of Lake Pontchartrain Causeway; Nancy L. Newfield 1, 2, 3, Steve Locke (sketch), Pamela Morgan, Matthew L. Brady, Dave Patton (ph), Paul E. Conover (ph), Robert C. Dobbs (ph), C. Britain Sledge, Lehman Ellis 1, 2, Jody Shugart, Janine Robin 1, 2, 3, Crystal Johnson (ph), David P. Muth (ph), Dan O’Malley (ph), and Devin Bosler (ph). Individuals are still being reported from the Causeway as of August 2016.

Photo montage by Robert C. Dobbs

Two immatures (2015-036) on 11 May 2015, Gulf of Mexico: 72 mi. SW Raccoon Island, N28.132883° W91.488667°; Laurie Dugan (ph).

Photo by Laurie Dugan

One immature (2015-040) on 2 June 2015, Gulf of Mexico: 77 mi. SW Raccoon Island, N28.07550°, W091.58272°; Laurie Dugan (ph).

Photo by Laurie Dugan

One adult (2015-041) on 6 June 2015, Gulf of Mexico: 50 mi. SW Pointe Au Fer Island, N28.692524°, W91.800507°; Laurie Dugan (ph).

Photo by Laurie Dugan

One adult (2015-076) on 3 December 2015, Pointe Coupee: Morganza Spillway Forebay; J. V. Remsen (ph).

Photo by Van Remsen

One immature (2016-023) on 10 September 2016, Gulf of Mexico: approximately 22 mi. SE South Pass Mississippi River, N28.73º, W88.88º; Robert C. Dobbs (ph) and Oscar Johnson (ph).

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One adult (2016-058) on 10 September 2016, Plaquemines: Mississippi River near Pilottown, N29.19 º, W89.27 º; Oscar Johnson (ph).

Two adults (2016-030) on 25 September 2016, Gulf of Mexico: 125 mi. S mouth Mississippi River; Zeke Watkins (ph).

Photo by Zeke Watkins

One adult (2106-033) on 22 October 2016, Gulf of Mexico: approximately 179 mi. S Isles Dernieres, Raccoon Island, N26.4518º, W91.0694º; Richard Armstrong and Ginger Rose (ph only).

Photo by Ginger Rose

One (2016-038) on 8-9 November 2016, Calcasieu: Lake Charles Industrial Canal, N30.1150 o, W 93.2917 o; Denis Kay (ph).

Photo by Denis Kay

Unaccepted Records

One (1989-37) on 2 Jan. 1989, Lafourche: east end Fourchon Beach (AB 43(4):982). The bird was observed under poor viewing conditions: very distant, fog, and poor lighting. The descriptions submitted by the observers did not eliminate the possibility that the bird may have been an immature Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus). Immature plumages of Northern Gannet can superficially resemble those of Brown Booby, and the two may not be separable under such poor viewing conditions.

One second-year (1999-042) on 14 April 1999, Gulf of Mexico: Ewing Bank 826-A oil platform, 61 mi. S of East Timbalier Island, N 28.16333o, W 90.35861o. Most Members ultimately agreed that details provided were insufficient to eliminate immature Red-footed Booby, Masked Booby, or even Northern Gannet.