1. English and Scientific names:Brown booby Sula leucogaster

2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 in alternate plumage):One

3. Locality: Parish: St Tammany____________________________________________

Specific Locality: _1/2 mile offshore from the Madisonville boat launch on Lake rd______________________________________________

4. Date(s) when observed: 12/28,29,31 of 2013 and 1/02/2014

5. Time(s) of day when observed: 9:35,9:20,10:30 and 11:00

6. Reporting observer and address: Janine Robin, Franklinton, LA

7. Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):Mary Mehaffey, Tom Trenchard, Renee Sawyer, Claire Thomas, Glenn Ousset, Malise Prieto, Joan Garvey, Casey Wright and others

8. Other observers who independently identified the bird(s): Chris Brantley(finder), Rosmary Seidler, Pam Morgan, Casey Wright

9. Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light): to miles offshore. First observation was poor conditions:windy and raining and cold. 29th was cold, but sunny and clear. On the 31st we were in a boat and got within 30 ft of the bird. On the 2nd was very windy, but mild and partly cloudy.

10. Optical equipment (type, power, condition): Bushnell 60x scope, Steiner 8x42 nocs and Canon EOS rebel t3i with Sigma 300mm lens.

11. Distance to bird(s): Ranged from to miles to within 30 feet (boat).

12. Duration of observation: Ranged from 15 minutes in scope to about 15 minutes in boat.

13. Habitat: On Lake Pontchartrain perched on a channel marker .

14. Behavior of bird / circumstances of observation (flying, feeding, resting; include and stress habits used in identification; relate events surrounding observation): Bird perched on marker. Observed it perched, turning in other directions, preening and flying off of marker. Did not see it actually fishing.

15. Description (include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen; include if possible: total length/relative size compared to other familiar species, body bulk, shape, proportions, bill, eye, leg, and plumage characteristics. Stress features that separate it from similar species): It appeared to be about the size of a cormorant. Large yellow bill, with flesh colored face and feet. Chocolate brown on all of its body except lower chest and undersides. Also white under wings seen while flying. Was not startled by us when we arrived in the boat. Looked healthy and well groomed.

16. Voice: Quiet

17. Similar species (include how they were eliminated by your observation): None

18. Photographs or tape recordings obtained? (by whom? attached?): Yes Janine Robin will email to Paul Conover.

19. Previous experience with this species: None

20. Identification aids: (list books, illustrations, other birders, etc. used in identification):

Other birders

a. at time of observation: Other birders

b. after observation:Kaufman field guide and Natl Geo field guide

21. This description is written from: _____ notes made during the observation (_____notes attached?);_____notes made after the observation (date:_____); __x___memory.

22. Are you positive of your identification if not, explain: Yes

23. Date:__1/02/2014________Time:__10:50 PM_____