Ruff (Calidris pugnax)

Number of accepted Ruff records for Louisiana > 20 as of October 2017

Accepted Records

A single bird (1978-07; formerly 81-36), believed to be a male on the basis of size, on 'Magnolia Road," 3-4 miles north of Holly Beach, Cameron Parish on 20 March 1978 (Thomas S. Schulenberg*; BE, David Hunter,BL).

(1978-10; formerly 81-23). One adult(?) male in changing plumage seen 12 August 1978 (Norton Nelkin, B. Mac Myers III, Frederick M. Barry, others) on the campus of the University of New Orleans, New Orleans.

(1978-01; formerly 80-2). One probable female in breeding plumage seen 12, 13 August 1978 by many observers (including Jack Reinoehl, Mike Braun, Robert D. Purrington, B. Mac Myers III, Bob Newman, D. Bruce Crider, Jim Stewart, Horace Jeter, others) on the campus of the University of New Orleans in New Orleans. Photographed by Fred Barry (see American Birds 32(6): 1173).

photo by Fred Barry

One adult female (1988-10; formerly 89-10) on 30 Apr. 1988, Vermilion: 2 mi. N Kaplan, NE junction Hwys. 35 and 700; Steven W. Cardiff, Sievert A. Rohwer, Gregor Rohwer, Gary Shugart (Imhof 1988, p. 447).

One adult female (1988-57; formerly 89-54) on 21 Oct.-5 Nov. 1988, Vermilion: 2 mi. N Kaplan, NE junction Hwys. 35 and 700; Al & Gwen Smalley, B. Mac Myers III (ur), Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ #137883), Donna L. Dittmann, J. V. Remsen, Jr., m.ob.

Collected by Steven W. Cardiff (LSU #137883). Photo by Steven W. Cardiff

One (1988-61; formerly 89-55) on 23 Oct. 1988, Vermilion: Parish Road 5-19, 0.4 mi. W Hwy. 699; Curtis A. Marantz, JVR, PPM, MMS.

One (1988-85; formerly 89-90) on 16 (CRCBC) and 18 Dec. 1988, Acadia: ca 6 mi. SSE Crowley; Al & Gwen Smalley, David P. Muth, B. Mac Myers III, JPS, JH (Cardiff and Dittmann 1989, p. 589, 981; Muth 1989, p. 326).

One female in basic plumage (1988-70; formerly 89-78) on 16 Dec. 1988, Vermilion: approx. 5 mi. north of Kaplan, intersection of Hwys. 699 and 35; David N. Pashley, Kenneth V. Rosenberg (ph), David Wingate, Mary Garvin, Peter P. Marra (AB 43(2):326; AB 43(4):599,981).

One male in basic plumage (1990-07) on 26 Jan 1990, Acadia, approximately 6 mi. S of Crowley on Hwy. 35; Andrew W. Kratter; AB44(2):282. A bird (LBRC record no. 1990-13) reported in the same vicinity on 10 Feb 1990 (AB44(2):282) was not accepted by the LBRC (Dittmann and Cardiff 2003).

One (1991-24) in basic plumage on 13 Mar 1991, Vermilion: Vincent mini-refuge, intersection of Hwys. 699 and 35; Paul E. Conover (ph); AB 45(3): 457, LOS News 141: 6.

With Greater Yellowlegs; photo by P. Conover

One female in basic plumage (1992-20; formerly 93-06) on 17 Dec. 1992, Acadia: approx. 3 mi. S of Crowley, 1 mi. W of Hwy. 13; Donna L. Dittmann (drawing) and Steven W. Cardiff (AB 47(2):267).

One female in first basic plumage (1994-60) on 21 Jan. 1994, Vermilion: approx. 1 mi. W of Gueydan near intersection of Parish Roads P-8-23 and P-8-6; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 159791) and Donna L. Dittmann (*) (FN48 (2):216).

One male (1994-23), beginning molt from Basic to Alternate plumage, on 19-22 Mar 1994, Vermilion: Hwy. 35 at Parish Road P-5-51 [just S of Lafayette Parish line]; Donna L. Dittmann and Steven W. Cardiff, Dave Patton, and Gary Broussard (ph only, taken 20/22 Mar); NASFN 48(3): 308, LOS News 159: 9. This was the first of three different individuals found in the general vicinity 19-28 Mar 1994; a record for 28 Mar was previously accepted (No. 94-22; Dittmann et al. 1998), and a separate bird reported 20 Mar has yet to be reviewed.

Photo and video by P. Conover

One male molting to alternate plumage (1994-22) on 28 Mar. 1994, Lafayette: Congress St. extension, 2 mi. E of parish line (Hwy. 720); Dave Patton (ph), Paul E. Conover (ph) and Billy P. Leonard (FN 48(3):308; LOS 159).

Photo and video by P. Conover

One female (96-20) in alternate plumage on 13 Apr 1996, Acadia: Hwy. 92, W of junction with Hwy. 1124 (between Hwys. 13 and 91) [E of Morse]; Daniel F. Lane (ph); NASFN 50(3): 291, LOS News 174: 8.

One female in basic plumage (1996-45) on 9 Nov 1996, Acadia: S of Crowley, 1 mi. W of Hwy. 13, and 1 mi. S of Hwy. 92; Donna L. Dittmann and Steven W. Cardiff; NASFN51(1):69.

One female (01-12) molting to alternate plumage on 17 Apr 200l, Acadia: Hwy. 3007, 0.4 mi. W of junction with Leger Road (SW of Rayne); Daniel F. Lane (ph); LOS News 198: 12, NAB 55(3): 309, LOS News 198: 12.

One male (2001-16) molting to basic plumage on 5 Aug 2001, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Exxon plant; Phillip Wallace (ph), B. Mac Myers III (ph), and R. D. Purrington (ph); NAB 56(1): 62.

photos by R. D. Purrington

One female in alternate plumage (2005-07) on 8 May 2005, Acadia: Toups Road, about 1 mi. W of Hwy. 35; Paul E. Conover; NAB59(3):448.

One (2008-63) on 17 July 2008, Caddo: Shaw Lake, section of pool #5 at mile marker 203 (in Elm Grove quad); Terry Davis.

One male in basic plumage (2010-10) on 20-25 February 2010, Jefferson Davis: initially in vicinity of intersection of hwys. 14 and 3056, later relocated as far west as Hwy. 14 X Potter Road; Paul E. Conover (ph), Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Erik I. Johnson (ph only), Melvin Weber, and Bob Pierson (ph).

photo by Bob Pierson

One female (2012-059) on 27-31 July 2012, Jefferson Davis: 1.6 mi. S of Hwy. 14 on Illinois Plant Rd.; Devin Bosler (ph), Dave Patton (ph), and Jay V. Huner.

Photo by Devin Bosler

One female in non-breeding plumage (2013-100) on 22-23 September 2013 and 23 October 2013, Jefferson Davis: SW of Thornwell near Hwy. 14 X 99; Steven W. Cardiff and Donna L. Dittmann (ph).

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One in non-breeding plumage (2014-037) on 27 September 2014, Jefferson Davis: ca 2 mi. NE Welsh, on S. side of Pecan Orchard Rd. near intersection with Freeland Rd.; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

Two females, one in juvenal plumage and one in non-breeding plumage (2014-072) on 1 October 2014 [Editor's note: one reportedly found on 30 Sep], Acadia: Crowley, Crowley Wastewater Treatment Facility; Oscar Johnson (ph).  
Photos by Oscar Johnson

One female in Basic (non-breeding) plumage (2015-064) on 18-24 December 2015, Jefferson Davis: SSW Thornwell, near intersection of Hwy. 14 X 99; Steven W. Cardiff and Donna L. Dittmann (ph), Robert C. Dobbs, Dave Patton (ph only), [Charlie Lyon, ph only].

Photo by Charlie Lyon

Unaccepted Records

One (1990-13) on 10 Feb 1990, Vermilion: SW corner of Vincent Mini-refuge [N of Kaplan]; AB 44(2): 282. This record circulated three times before it received a deciding vote (3-4). Although submitted by a respected former LBRC Member (who is certainly capable of identifying this species), the report was not detailed enough to adequately eliminate other species.

One in alternate plumage (1990-42) on 12 May 1990, Vermilion: 1/2 mi. E of Hwy. 91 on road P-8-53, N of Gueydan; AB 44(3): 441. This record also circulated three times. Members indicated that the observer likely had seen this species, but the record ultimately received a unanimous non-accept vote, largely over concerns about the brevity of the observation and the resulting shortage of descriptive detail.

One female (possible adult) (1991-07) on 25 Mar 1991, Lafayette: Hwy. 342, 1/2 mi. W of junction with Hwy. 700. This record received mixed votes during the first three circulations and was resolved during a fourth circulation Discussion at an Annual Meeting. Following a lengthy philosophical discussion of whether the sketchy descriptions by two observers were adequate to support identification, those who insisted that the description should have been much more detailed were in the majority.

One adult male molting from breeding to non-breeding plumage (2006-009) on 22 July 2006, Iberville: Sherburne WMA, South Farm. The description did not adequately describe this species.

One definitive basic female (2007-55) on 23 September 2007, Cameron: Cameron Prairie NWR, SE corner Pintail Loop. All Members believed that despite the experience of the observer, the relatively brief and distant circumstances of the observation and the resulting relatively abbreviated description did not support identification and eliminate Pectoral Sandpiper. Unfortunately, no photos could be obtained.