Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

Burrowing Owl was added to the Review List at the 2002 Annual Meeting (7 Sep 2002) because of a steady decline in reports. The map, date chart, and records below pertain only to LBRC-accepted records.



Accepted Records (see above)

One (2004-58) on 29 Oct 2004, Gulf of Mexico: S of Grand Terre Island, 26o 14.5’ N, 90o 59.1’ W; Tony Johnston (ph; fide Jimmy Ernst and Stephen G. Sorensen, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries).

One (2006-30) from 8-9 Oct 2006, Gulf of Mexico: drilling ship moored at Green Canyon, approximately 130 mi. S of Port Fourchon, 27o19'N, 90o05'W; Brad Martin (ph); NAB61(1):86.

Photo by Brad Martin

One (2007-14) from 11-24 Feb 2007, Jefferson: Grand Isle, N. terminus of Ludwig Lane; Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Devin Bosler (ph), and Justin Bosler (ph only); found by Robert D. Purrington (fide Wallace). As reported in NAB61(2):281, this was one of “2-3…seen intermittently at Grand Isle 19 Dec-24 Feb.”

Photo by Devin Bosler

One (2007-16) from at least 9 Mar-11 Apr 2007, Calcasieu: Lionel Derouen Road at Hwy. 27, S of Holmwood; James Beck (ph) and Dave Patton (ph only); NAB61(3):461.

Photo by Dave Patton

One (2007-33) brought alive to LSU School of Veterinary Medicine on 2 Apr 2007, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, Florida Boulevard; photograph of captive bird courtesy of Dr. Thomas N. Tully, Jr. fide Carol Foil. The bird recovered and was going to be transported “to the breeding range” and released.

One (2007-53) on 19 October 2007, Cameron: Rutherford Beach; Robert C. Dobbs (ph).

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One (2008-55) on 19 November 2008, Gulf of Mexico: oil platform Cajun Express Walker Ridge #29 at 26o 55’ 37” N, 90o 31’ 24” W; submitted by Edward S. (Ned) Brinkley who said that this was one of three present on that date (photo by Nathan Webster).

Photo by Nathan Webster

One (2009-86) on 13-15 December 2009, Cameron: Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph), B. Mac Myers III (ph), and Tom Finnie (ph).

Photo by B. Mac Myers III, video by Paul E. Conover

One (2009-93) on 22 December 2009, Lafourche: Port Fourchon, spoil ridge 1 mi. N of flotation canal; Steven W. Cardiff and Richard DeMay (ph).

Photo by Richard DeMay

One (2010-124) on 7 February 2010, Plaquemines: Bay Chaland Headland; Edward J. Raynor (ph of habitat).

One (2010-107) on 20 October 2010, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Grand Isle State Park; Justin Hite.

One (2010-22) on 30 October 2010, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, 2 mi. WSW of Johnsons Bayou School; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One (2011-052) on 20 August 2011, Cameron: approximately 4.5 mi. W of town of Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One (2011-053) from 7 December 2011 to at least 6 March 2012, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, 2 mi. WSW Johnsons Bayou School; Thomas Finnie (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), Erik I. Johnson (ph), and William Matthews (ph). Seen by many observers; reportedly found by Devin and Justin Bosler.

Photo by Thomas Finnie

One (2011-054) on 21 & 28 December 2011, Jefferson: Hwy. 1, construction site at W side Caminada Pass; Devin Bosler (ph), Christopher G. Brantley (ph), Erik I. Johnson (ph), and Heydi Lopes(ph only).

Photo by Christopher G. Brantley

One (2012-073) on 12 May 2012, Cameron: ˝ mi. W of Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One (2013-007) on 6 January 2013, Cameron: Hackberry Ridge, 2 mi. WSW of Johnson Bayou School; Dan O’Malley (ph). Presumably the same individual returning for second winter at the same site.

Photo by Dan O’Malley

One (2012-154) on 28 December 2012, Catahoula: Louisiana Delta Plantation Farm; Jonathan Clark (ph).

Photo by Jonathan Clark

One (2014-043) on 17 December 2014-11 February 2015 Lafourche: Fourchon Beach, 5.8 km NE Port Fourchon, N29.13349o, W90.14352o; Erik I. Johnson (ph), Dan O’Malley (ph), and Natalie Waters.

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2015-056) on 19 November 2015, Lafourche: Fourchon Beach, N29.13235°, W90.14476°; Dan O’Malley (ph).

Photo by Dan O’Malley

One (2015-065) on 15 December 2015-8 March 2016, Jefferson: Elmer’s Island WMA, beach/dune area near mouth of Bayou Von Thunder, ca 1.5 km W of where WMA entrance road intercepts beach; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff.