English and Scientific names:

Burrowing Owl-Athene cunicularia-Western subspecies

Number of individuals: 


Locality: LOUISIANA: 

Offshore. Green Canyon

Specific Locality:

On helideck of drill ship. Also flying over water. 27d 19' N   90d 05'W. Green Canyon Block 610.

Date(s) when observed:

10/8/06 , 10/9/06

Time(s) of day when observed:  

Midday to sundown on 10/8. Last seen at noon 10/9

Reporting observer and address:

Brad Martin 650 Dixon Blvd Apt. 25C. Cocoa, FL 32922

Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):

James Doom

Other observers who independently identified the bird(s)


Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

Direct sunlight diffused light haze.

Optical equipment: 

8X42 Celestron Regal. Nikon DSLR with 300mm lens.

Distance to bird(s): 

25 feet.

Duration of observation:

On and off for 4 hours.


Open ocean.

Behavior of bird: 

Flew over water. Occasionally hovered over water, then dropped and dipped feet.Landed on bow of vessel and helideck.


Stocky bird with long legs. Large yellow eyes. Spotted back, head and breast.Spotted belly. Rounded head with no neck.


Not heard

Similar species:

None.Distinguished from Florida subspecies by spotting instead of stripes on head.

Photographs or tape recordings obtained?

Yes. Taken by Brad Martin. Attached

Previous experience with this species: 


Identification aids:

at time of observation:

after observation:

Sibley guide consulted at end of day.

This description is written from: 

Notes and photo.

Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 


Yes. Photo is unmistakeable.


Brad Martin

Date and time: 

October 28, 2006. 10:00 PM