Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna)

Number of accepted Anna's Hummingbird records for Louisiana = 24 as of November 2017

Accepted Records

(1979-018; formerly 1979-001; formerly 80-1). Specimen (LSUMZ 91285), that of an immature female (?) taken on 10 November 1979 by Steven W. Cardiff at Hackberry Ridge, Johnsons Bayou, Cameron Parish provides first record for state. There are additional specimen and sight records for the same period.

(1979-001; formerly 80-1). One immature male seen 11 November 1979 (J.V. Remsen) and 18, 19 November (D. Bruce Crider, Eleanor Heath, Stanley Heath, Nancy L. Newfield, Paul Newfield, Bob Newman) at Hackberry Ridge, near Johnsons Bayou, Cameron Parish is second Louisiana record.

(1979-002; formerly 81-4). One female-plumaged bird collected 16 December 1979 by Steven W. Cardiff (with J.V. Remsen, Linda Hale, David Hunter) at same locality as above. Specimen (LSUMZ 91438) is second for Louisiana and represents third record.

One female (1987-05; formerly 88-4) on 19 Dec. 1987 (SACBC), Cameron: Cameron (home of Marianna Tanner); Paul Lehman & Shawneen Finnegan, Marianna Tanner, Nancy Newfield (Cardiff and Dittmann 1988, p. 550, 945). Muth (1988, p. 278) reported that this individual was last seen on 21 Feb. 1988.

One immature male (1988-08; formerly 89-8) on 23-24 Dec. 1988 and 5 and 8 Mar. 1989, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 1167 Verdun Drive (residence of Robert B. Hamilton); Paul McKenzie (netted; a few rectrices and gorget feathers plucked and included with Report Form), Joe Kleiman, Chuck Feerick, Nancy Newfield. Muth (1989, p. 326) reported that this bird was found on 12 Dec. 1988. These two records represent the fourth and fifth for Louisiana.

One adult female (1992-59) from 18 Nov to at least 1 Dec 1992, St. John the Baptist: Reserve; Ronald J. Stein and Nancy L. Newfield (banded on 21 Nov, band No. X40195); AB 47(1): 106.

One male (1992-53) from 20 Nov.-4 Dec. 1992, St. James: Gramercy; Thomas A. and Eloise Sylvest (ph), Nancy L. Newfield (banded 21 Nov.-#X40196), and Roger J. Breedlove (AB 47(1):106).

One male (1993-19) from 3-5 Jan. 1993, Lafayette: Lafayette, 103 Tackaberry (Ducrest Residence; homeowners report bird present 10-14 days prior to above observation); William R. Fontenot and Gary Broussard (ph only). Vaguely referred to in AB 47(2):268.

Video by Paul E. Conover

One female or immature (1993-74) on 11 Dec 1993, St. Charles: Norco (residence of Mahlon Ayme); Ronald J. Stein.

One immature female (1995-167) from 19 Nov.-27 Dec. 1995, Cameron: Cameron (residence of and found by Marianna Tanner); Dave Patton (ph and banded on 19 Nov.-#Y01602) (LOS 171). Reported in AB 50(2):180 as "one of five banded in Louisiana” during the winter season.

One female (1995-134) on 25 Nov-2 Dec 1995, St. Charles: Montz (residence of Felecia Borne); Ronald J. Stein; NASFN 50(1): 68; LOS News 168: 5, 171: 7.

One immature male (1996-001) from 7 January to at least 13 February 1996, St. John the Baptist: Reserve, 171 Cedar St.; Melvin Weber and Nancy L. Newfield (banded on 7 January, band no. T-79942, left rectrix 5 to LSUMNS).

One immature male (1996-02) on 28 Jan 1996, Calcasieu: Lake Charles, 4108 W. Jevon Lane; Winston Caillouet.

One immature male (1996-76) on 23 Feb. 1996, Lafayette: Lafayette (residence of Mrs. Houeye); Dave Patton (ph and banded -#YO 1608). Vague reference in FN 50(2):181.

One female (1996-58) on 2 Nov. 1996, Beauregard: near DeRidder, 742 Bill Churchman Loop; Matt Pontiff (ph) (FN 51(1):70; LOS 177).

One female (1996-61) from 14-22 Dec. 1996, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 112 Fulwar Skipwith Rd. (residence of Micheline Schutte), Margie Griffith (ph), Miriam Davey, Joseph P. Kleiman, and Laurence C. Binford. Reported in FN 51(3):759 on 15 Dec. only; the correct date span is listed above.

One female (1997-76) from 22-25 December 1997 and 3 January 1998, St. John the Baptist: LaPlace, 1409 Glendale St., residence of Gene Street; Ronald J. Stein.
One immature male (2000-97) on 1 February 2000, Orleans: New Orleans, 816 Upperline Street; Charlotte Seidenberg (ph only) and Nancy L. Newfield (banded, band no. T79978, data and right rectrix 5 to LSUMNS).

One first year male (2005-50) from 4 Dec 2005-6 Jan 2006, Lafayette: Lafayette; Dave Patton ( ph, banded). Initially captured at residence of Paul E. Conover, and, following banding, the bird moved to another residence a few miles away for the duration of its stay.

Photo by Dave Patton

One immature male (2005-40) from 28 Dec 2005-2 Jan 2006, St. Tammany: Slidell, off Thompson Road (Hwy. 434; residence of S. Alcorn); Linda Beall (banded 29 Dec, band no. N66507, ph): NAB60(2):244.

Photo by Linda Beall

One adult male (2006-23) from 7-8 Jan 2006, Lafayette: Lafayette (residence of Bob and Jackie Jumonville); Dave Patton ( ph, banded).

Photo by Dave Patton

One adult female (2007-81) from 14 December 2007-6 January 2008, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 1967 Tulip Street; Jeffrey W. Harris (ph) and Nancy L. Newfield (banded 22 Dec, band no. N98945, and left R5 to LSUMNS, plus in-hand photos by Steve Locke.

Photo by Jeffrey W. Harris

One immature male (2011-055) on 4-27 November 2011, West Carroll: Oak Grove, 8791 Hwy. 2; Roselie Overby (ph) and Stephen L. Pagans (ph).

Photo by Stephen L. Pagans

One female (2011-56) on 15 December 2011, Iberville: 4 mi. N of St. Gabriel, 435 Pecan Dr.; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff (ph); and presumably the same bird from 24 December 2011-3 February 2012 at nearby 545 Pecan Dr.; J.V. Remsen (ph only) and Jay Huner (ph).

Photo by J.V. Remsen

One female (2012-002) on 20 January 2012, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, Tulip St.; Kim Welsh (ph) and Jeff W. Harris.

Photo by Kim Welsh

Unaccepted Records

One immature male (2005-033) on 13 December 2005, Iberia: New Iberia, 1621 Southwood Dr. The submitted descriptions did not convincingly eliminate superficially similar species.

One female (2008-066) from 9-16 October 2008, Allen: Kinder, 1505 Lurton Ave. All Members were in agreement that the description did not eliminate an immature male Ruby-throated Hummingbird.