Yellow-nosed Albatross,  Diomedea chlororhynchos

Number of accepted Yellow-nosed Albatross records for Louisiana = 1 as of June 2010

Accepted Records

One adult (1970-03; formerly 94-51) on 9 May 1970, Cameron: Gulf of Mexico off Holly Beach; James W. McDaniel (ph) and R. C. Kennedy (Lowery 1974; AB 20(4):616). The photograph appears on the cover of AB 20(4). This is the only record for Louisiana of any albatross species. The occurrence of a "southern" albatross in the northern hemisphere provokes speculation about natural origin, and the possibility that its arrival may somehow have been ship-assisted. There are, however, other northern hemisphere records to support a pattern of vagrancy.

Photo by Joseph McDaniel

Unaccepted Records

One adult (2006-034) on 21 September 2006, Cameron: 2 mi. W Holly Beach. Circumstances of the observation and details observed were not sufficient to document this exceptional record.