White-winged Scoter,  Melanitta fusca

White-winged Scoter was added to the LBRC Review List 11 Mar 1989.

Number of accepted White-winged Scoter records for Louisiana > 35 as of June 2017

Accepted Records

One female (1982-41) on 6 Nov 1982, Vermilion: Pecan Island; shot by hunter (Howard Bolton), Scott Folse (ph only), and Morris D. Williams.

One immature or female plumage (1989-149) on 18 Nov 1989: Orleans: Lake Pontchartrain, S shore between Paris Road and Pointe-aux-herbes (South Point); David P. Muth; AB44(1):104 reported the occurrence in Jefferson.

One immature or female (1989-170) on 19 Nov 1989, Jefferson and St. Charles: Lake Catouatche, SE shore, near confluence of Bayou Segnette and Bayou Bardeaux; David P. Muth.

One female or immature (1989-08) on 23 Dec 1989, Caddo: Shreveport, Cross Lake, from Barren’s landing; Paul M. Dickson. Found during Shreveport CBC.

One male (92-35) from 2-3 May 1992, Cameron: 2 mi. W of (town of) Holly Beach; David P. Muth, Steven W. Cardiff, Donna L. Dittmann, Alfred E. and Gwen B. Smalley, Curtis C. Sorrells, Bill Wood, John P. Sevenair, and Curtis A. Marantz (AB 46(3):434).

Two in female-type plumage (95-87) on 5 Nov. 1995, Orleans: New Orleans, pond N of Recovery I landfill; Phillip A. Wallace (ph) (LOS 169).

One female or immature (1995-148) on 26 Dec 1995, Cameron: approximately 6 mi. W of old mouth Mermentau River (Rutherford Beach); Roger J. Breedlove.

One female or immature (1996-10) on 7 Jan 1996, Cameron: approximately 5-6 mi. W of old mouth Mermentau River (Rutherford Beach); Charles E. Lyon and Roger J. Breedlove; NASFN50(2):180.

Two females (1996-62) on 20 April 1996, Cameron: rock jetties just E of Johnsons Bayou; Jonathan L. Dunn.

Nine, including six definitive males and three females or immatures (1998-44), on 15 Mar 1998, Gulf of Mexico: 77 mi. S of Pecan Island, Vermilion 265A oil platform, 28o30'45?N, 92o27'04.0?W; John C. Arvin; FN52(3):344.

Three (00-52) in female-type plumage on 25 Nov 2000, St. Tammany: Mandeville, on Lake Pontchartrain at Sunset Point Park; B. Mac Myers III (ph); NAB 55(1): 63.

One definitive male (2007-10) from 7-14 Feb 2007, Orleans: New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain off Hayne Boulevard, near intersection of Scottwood and Briarwood Drive; Justin Bosler (ph), David P. Muth (card only for 14 Feb); NAB61(2):279. Reportedly found earlier by DPM on 3 Feb 2007 (no card; fide Phillip A. Wallace).

Photo by Justin Bosler.

One (2008-39) on 27 April 2008, Cameron: Holly Beach, approximately 3 mi. west of the ferry landing; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Two, immature male and adult female (2008-43) on 4 May 2008, Cameron: Gulf from Hwy. 27/82, approximately 3 mi. west Calcasieu Pass; Justin Bosler (ph). Secretarial Note: Perhaps immature male is same as in 2008-39.

Photo by Justin Bosler

One immature male (2009-106) on 15 March 2009: Cameron: off Broussard Beach; Justin Bosler.

Two (2011-033) on 29 January 2011; Cameron: approximately 4 mi. SW Johnsons Bayou; Paul E. Conover.

Two (2011-02) on 29 January 2011, Cameron: Grand Bayou Quad, Rutherford Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

One female (2011-029) on 9, 14 February 2011, St. Martin: Lake Martin; Matt Pardue (ph).

Photo by Matt Pardue

Four (2011-044) on 15 March 2011, Cameron: 1 mi. offshore from Cameron; Dave Patton (ph). The Committee only accepted four of the five individuals reported because there was no actual description of the fifth individual.

Photo by Dave Patton

One male (2012-068) from 6-22 April 2012; Cameron: Holly Beach to near BRAS Peveto Woods Sanctuary; Paul E. Conover (ph) and Jay V. Huner.

Photo by Paul Conover

One female (2012-070) on 9 April 2012, Cameron: 2 mi. W of Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph) and Jay V. Huner.

Photo by Paul Conover

One female (2012-052) on 30 October 2012, Rapides: Kincaid Reservoir, E side of dam; Jay V. Huner (ph).

One female (2014-005) on 2-3 February 2014; Jackson: Chatham Lake near Chatham; Stephen L. Pagans (ph), John Dillon (ph), Jonathan Clark (ph), and Charles Lyon (ph only).

Photo by Charles Lyon

One male (2014-006) on 4-19 February 2014, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, lake at Pennington Biomedical Research Station; Eric Liffmann (ph), J. V. Remsen (ph), Dan O’Malley (ph), Janine Robin (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), Erik I. Johnson, Christopher G. Brantley, and Jay V. Huner (ph).

Photo by Janine Robin

One immature male specimen (2014-010) on 20 January 2014, Avoyelles: Horseshoe Lake; Charles Mintz and (LSUMZ) Lucien P. Laborde Jr. and Donna L. Dittmann (DLD 10724).

One female (2014-068) on 10 February 2014, St. Martin: Lake Martin; Robert C. Dobbs and Gary Meyers (ph only).

Photo by Gary Meyers

One adult female (2014-022) on 13 February 2014, Rapides: Kincaid Recreation Area, Kincaid Lake; Steve Shively.

At least two (2014-009) on 15 February 2014, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, offshore from beach approximately ¼ mi. W of Erbelding Road; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

Eleven to thirteen (2014-021) on 15-21 February 2014, Rapides: Kincaid Recreation Area, Kincaid Lake, observed from E. side of dam face; Jay V. Huner and Charlie Lyon (ph only)

Photo by Charlie Lyon.

One in female plumage (2014-011) on 22 February 2014; Cameron: approximately ¼ mi. W of Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph).

With Lesser Scaup. Photo by Paul Conover

At least two (2014-012) on 22 February 2014, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, offshore from beach approximately 2 mi. W from terminus of Erbelding Road; Paul E. Conover (ph). May involve one of individuals (2014-009) seen on 15 February 2014.

Photos by Paul Conover

One adult female (2014-013) on 22 February 2014, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, offshore from beach at Peveto Woods Sanctuary at intersection of Ocean and Beach streets; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul Conover

Five, including two adult males (2014-020), on 6 March 2014, Rapides: Kincaid Recreation Area, Kincaid Lake; Jay V. Huner.

One (2014-102) on 18 March 2014, St. Tammany: Madisonville, Madisonville Boat Launch; Mary Mehaffey

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

One female-type (2014-113) on 3 December 2014, St. Tammany: Slidell, Howze Beach off Oak Harbor Blvd. and West End Ave.; Devin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Devin Bosler

One female (2014-069) on 5 December 2014, Natchitoches: Red River, N of Lock and Dam No. 3 near former Northwestern State University Aquaculture Research Center; Florinus Kooyman (ph).

Photo by Florinus Kooyman

One first winter (2017-001) on 3, 8 January 2017, Cameron: offshore of Holly Beach community; Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photos by Paul Conover

Unaccepted Records

One in female-type plumage (1989-003) on 30 December 1989, Orleans: New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain. Even though an experienced observer submitted the record, the description was rudimentary and technically incorrect for this species. Specifically, the illustration exaggerated the size of the white patches on the face and wing, suggesting a partial albino Surf Scoter. This record was not accepted following a Discussion Vote.

Two, adult male and presumed juvenile (1991-98) on 7 December 1991, Cameron: south of BRAS Peveto Woods Sanctuary. This record did not receive a deciding vote through three circulations and was discussed and resolved at this year’s Fourth Circulation Discussion. Details were based on memory long after the observation and most Members ultimately did not consider the abbreviated description convincing.

One group of 20-30 individuals and at least two other smaller groups (2008-026) on 7 March 2008, Cameron: offshore less than 5 mi. W Holly Beach. The minimal description (“black ducks with white wing patches”) was problematic, even for such an “obvious” species, and Members were also concerned that Gadwall (in poor lighting conditions) may be mistaken for this species. The number of individuals reported was unprecedented.

One first winter male (2009-106) on 15 March 2009, Cameron: Gulf off Broussard Beach. Primary concerns were that the report was based on memory, the description was rather vague, distance to the birds was unclear, and viewing/sea conditions were not described. Following a Discussion Round, all Members believed that the documentation was insufficient.

Four (2009-024) on 28 March 2009, Cameron: end of Rutherford Beach Rd. The ducks were distant, and the observer’s description was too vague to support the identification.

One in worn female-type plumage (2009-104) on 16 May 2009, Cameron: western end of Holly Beach; (video). Most Members believed that the video better supported identification as a Surf Scoter.

Two, one male and one female/immature (2013-097) on 31 December 2013, St. Tammany: Madisonville Marsh. Most members believed that the observer was likely correct. However, the circumstances of the observation and reported details were not adequate for acceptance.

One (2014-083) on 23 March 2014, Cameron: Gulf off Little Florida Beach. Despite the observer’s reported familiarity with scoter species, all Members agreed that the incomplete description of a very distant bird did not warrant acceptance.

Two, possibly six (2015-018) on 28 February 2015, Rapides: SE arm of Cotile Lake, 428 Hickory Hill Dr. A distant observation with minimal details. Although possibly this species (which had been documented at this location in the past), all Members agreed that the documentation was inadequate for acceptance.