1. English and Scientific names: Spotted Towhee, Pipilo maculatus

2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 in alternate plumage):

One, male

3. Locality: LOUISIANA: (parish) _____Union_______________________________

Specific Locality: _______N 32 degrees 50 8.72 and W 92 degrees 18 58.18_________Intersection of DeLoutre Switch Road and Highway 33, 6 miles southwest of Marion, La._________

4. Date(s) when observed: 2-26-2012

5. Time(s) of day when observed: Early morning

6. Reporting observer and address:


Stephen L. Pagans.

West Monroe, La 71291

7. Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):

8. Other observers who independently identified the bird(s):

9. Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light): Bird was in the shade.

10. Optical equipment (type, power, condition Bausch and Lomb 8x binoculars in good condition and 400 mm lens on Canon 5D Mark II camera.

11. Distance to bird(s): 60 feet

12. Duration of observation: 1 to 3 minutes

13. Habitat: Mixed brush including Chinese privet and trees near a dwelling.

14. Behavior of bird / circumstances of observation (flying, feeding, resting; include and stress habits used in identification; relate events surrounding observation): actively calling until I saw it fly in some shaded cover. It was responding somewhat to its playback from my Birdjam.

15. Description (include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen; include if possible: total length/relative size compared to other familiar species, body bulk, shape, proportions, bill, eye, leg, and plumage characteristics. Stress features that separate it from similar species): I saw a bird with the basic patterns of an Eastern Towhee except that it had a lot of small white spots on it.

16. Voice: A trill.

17. Similar species (include how they were eliminated by your observation): Eastern Towhee but it had many small white spots.

18. Photographs or tape recordings obtained? (by whom? attached?):Photograph by Stephen L. Pagans

19. Previous experience with this species: Seen in Texas and Louisiana

20. Identification aids: (list books, illustrations, other birders, etc. used in identification):

I already knew what a Spotted Towhee looked like.

a. at time of observation: None

b. after observation: None

21. This description is written from: _____ notes made during the observation (_____notes attached?);_____notes made after the observation (date:_____); __X___memory.

22. Are you positive of your identification if not, explain: Yes

23. Signature of reporter: _Stephen L. Pagans____________Date:3-01-2012__Time:_9:24 pm_