Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis)

Number of accepted Shiny Cowbird records for Louisiana = 31 as of July 2015

Accepted Records

One male in alternate plumage (89-119) on 20-21 May 1989, Lafourche: Port Fourchon at Theriot Road; Curtis A. Marantz, Phillip Wallace, John P. Sevenair, Cecil Kersting (ph), Curtis Sorrells, JPK, SH, DBC (AB 43(3):494). The male was accompanied by two female cowbirds, but they could not be positively identified from the descriptions and photographs.

One male in first alternate plumage (89-124) on 4-6 Jun. 1989, Cameron: west ferry landing of Hwy. 27 at Calcasieu River; John P. Sevenair, Gwen B. Smalley (ph), Alfred E. Smalley, Donna L. Dittmann, Steven W. Cardiff, Paul McKenzie, JVR, CAM (AB 43(3):496).

One male in alternate plumage (90-40) on 14 May 1990, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Al & Gwen Smalley (ph; AB 44(3):444).

One male in alternate plumage (90-41) on 2-3 Jun. 1990, St. John-the-Baptist: Reserve, 409 N. W. 4th Street; Ronald J. Stein, MW (AB 44 (5):1146). These represent the first records for Louisiana.

One male (90-116) on 22 Jul 1990, Orleans: New Orleans East, w. side of Chef Menteur Pass; B. Mac Myers III; AB 44(5): 1146. A female that accompanied the male, although not accepted by the LBRC, may have been this species.

One male (92- 30) from 20- 25 Apr. 1992, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Willow Lane one block from Hwy. 1; Alfred E. Smalley and Joseph Feldner (ph only) (AB 46(2):279).

One male (94-13) on 13 Mar. 1994, Cameron: W of Holly Beach near Cameron State Bank; Paul E. Conover (ph) (FN 48(3):309; LOS 159).

Two adult males (95-49) from 14-22 Apr 1995, Jefferson: Grand Isle, near water tower E of Sureway Market; Steven W. Cardiff and Donna L. Dittmann, Phillip Wallace (ph taken 14 Apr); NASFN 49(3): 264.

One male (95-50) on 22 Apr. 1995, Jefferson: Grand Isle; William R. Fontenot (ph). This is likely one of two birds reported 14 Apr.-8 May in FN 49(3):264.

One singing male (95-51) on 8 May 1995, Jefferson: Grand Isle, woods behind Sureway Market; Andrew W. Kratter; NASFN 49(3): 264. This and the preceding record may pertain to the same individuals, along with a previously published record (No. 95- 50, Dittmann et al.1998), all of which form a cluster of records from the same general locality 14 Apr-8 May 1995 (see LOS News 165: 11).

One adult male (96-40) from 26 May-20 Jul 1996, St. James: Gramercy, 524 North Millet Street, Thomas A. Sylvest and Ronald J. Stein; LOS News 174: 10, 176: 5. Two males (97-18) from 17-25 May 1997, Jefferson: Grand Isle; B. Mac Myers III (ph), Phillip A. Wallace, John P. Sevenair, and Joseph P. Kleiman (ph) (FN 51(4):884).

One male (98-13) on 3 May 1998, Jefferson: Grand Isle (residence of Thomas Bradberry); B. Mac Myers III (ph); FN 52(3): 343. Also reported from 25 May (LOS News 184: 18).

One male (99-09) in first alternate plumage on 30 Apr 1999, Cameron: ca 5 mi. E of Cameron; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 169391; DLD) and Donna L. Dittmann. This is the first specimen for Louisiana.

One to two adult males (99-103) on 15 Aug 1999, Jefferson: Grand Isle, near the Catholic Church; Phillip Wallace (ph); NAB 54(1): 64.

Two probable first year males (99-102) on 9 Oct 1999, Lafourche: Port Fourchon, just off Estay Road; Phillip Wallace (ph).

Three adult males (2000-12) on 19 Mar 2000, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Phillip Wallace (ph); NASFN 49(3): 264.

One male (2000-25) on 8 Apr 2000, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Phillip A. Wallace and B. Mac Myers III.

One male (2000-27) on 28 May 2000, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Phillip A. Wallace and B. Mac Myers III. This and the preceding record possibly pertain to the same individual, but NAB54(3):294 indicated “reports spanned the period from 19 Mar (early) to 28 May…and probably included at least 6 birds.”

One male (2003-29) on 15 May 2003, Lafourche: Port Fourchon, LUMCON Road; B. Mac Myers III and David P. Muth (ph); NAB57(3):361.

One adult male (2004-68) on 1 May 2004, Jefferson: Grand Isle (residence of Tommy Bradbury); Robert D. Purrington and David P. Muth (ph only).

One 1st year male (2004-07) on 16 May 2004, Jefferson: Grand Isle (residence of Bobby Santiny); Phillip A. Wallace (ph) and David P. Muth (ph only); this and the preceding record reported in NAB58(3):386.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One adult male (2008-33) on 19-29 April 2008, Jefferson: Grand Isle, vicinity of Landry and Cemetery lanes; Devin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Devin Bosler

One singing male (2009-100) on 6 June 2009, Cameron: Rutherford Beach Woods; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff.

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One adult male (2010-15) on 2 April-13 May 2010, Cameron: Oak Grove, cemetery; Melvin Weber (ph), Donna L. Dittmann (ph only), Thomas Finnie (ph), Thomas Maddox (ph), Jeffrey W. Harris (ph), and Jay V. Huner (card only).

Photo by Thomas Finnie

One adult male (2010-63) on 16-24 April 2010, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Bradbury residence; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Phillip A. Wallace (ph), David P. Muth (card only), Erik I. Johnson.

One adult male (2011-095) from 30 April-15 May 2011, Cameron: Oak Grove, Oak Grove Sanctuary/Rutherford Motel Woods; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, Jay V. Huner (ph), and Paul E. Conover (ph).

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One male (2011-120) on 13 September 2011, Plaquemines: near junction of Cypress Cove and Stone roads, ca ˝ mi. SE Tidewater; Devin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Devin Bosler

One male (2012-066) on 7 March 2012, Plaquemines: Tidewater, Madere Landscape; Mary Mehaffey (ph).

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

One adult male (2013-014) on 26 February 2013, Calcasieu: Lake Charles, Farmers Rice Mill on Hwy. 397; Billy Jones (ph).

Photo by Billy Jones

One adult male (2013-032) on 10 May 2013, Terrebonne: Cocodrie, LUMCON; John Conover (ph).

Photo by John Conover

Unaccepted Records

One male and one female (1992-62) on 25 Oct 1992, Cameron: 1/2 mi. N of Peveto Beach Woods. The observer’s description did not include color of the male's glossy plumage, shape/proportions, or length. Additionally, the bird was noted as having a "finch-like" bill and "longer neck feathers," which did not seem consistent with this species and were somewhat more indicative of Bronzed Cowbird.

One adult male and female (2007-41) on 20 May 2007, Jefferson: Grand Isle, two blocks east of water tower. Although reported from a location where this species has been somewhat regular, the description was not adequate to eliminate Brown-headed Cowbird. Additionally, there remains no accepted record to date of a female Shiny Cowbird.

One male in breeding plumage (1999-105) on 28 April 1999, Cameron: Hwy. 82 ferry landing on W. side of Calcasieu River. The photos provided did not seem to exclude a first-year male Red-winged Blackbird from consideration.

Two, a male and female (2000-034), on 3 May 2000, Jefferson: Grand Isle. Nearly all Members believed that the description was more indicative of a Bronzed Cowbird.

One adult male (2006-006) on 30 April 2006, Jefferson: Grand Isle, end of SR 548 between Hector Ln. and Cemetery Ln. Most members believed that the details provided were insufficient.

One adult male (2006-048) on 23 December 2006, Grant: Kateland Plantation Rd, ca 0.25 mi. E intersection Hwy. 8 between Boyce and Colfax. Details were considered unconvincing, especially for an inland winter occurrence.