Painted Redstart,  Myioborus pictus

Number of accepted Painted Redstart records for Louisiana = 2 as of July 2015

Accepted Records

One male (1994-55) from 17 Dec. 1994-5 Mar. 1995, Cameron: Hackberry, at end of Hwy. 385; Richard S. Bello, Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Joseph P. Kleiman, Mark Swan (tape), Rosemary Seidler (ph), and Steven W. Cardiff (ph) (FN 49(2):159; FN49 (3):263; LOS 164; LOS 165). This represents the second state record and the first with photographic documentation.

One (2001-9) on 16-18 Apr 2001, Cameron: [Johnsons Bayou], Holleyman Sanctuary, Roger J. Breedlove, Joseph P. Kleiman (ph taken 18 Apr), Daniel F. Lane (ph taken 18 Apr), Jason Weckstein (ph taken 18 Apr), and M. Mark Swan (ph taken 17 Apr); NAB 55(3): 310, LOS News 198: 13. This is the second accepted record.

Video still by Mark Swan

Unaccepted Records

One (1996-44) on 24 Mar 1996, Jefferson: Grand Isle; NASFN50:3:293. The observation was reported as 1-2 seconds in duration. The experienced observer reported a “thin-(insectivorous) bill; black head, throat, and upper breast, red underparts, and white in wings.” The bird could not be relocated despite extensive searching. Although the description is certainly suggestive of this distinctive species, the observation duration was at best a glimpse and, mainly for that reason, five of the seven members were not in favor of accepting this potential fourth state record.