Mountain Plover,  Charadrius montanus

Number of accepted Mountain Plover records for Louisiana = 1 as of June 2015


Accepted Records

One (2012-038) on 14 December 2012, Jefferson Davis: initially at corner of Hwy. 380 X Lyons Rd. and then later relocated S of there near Lyons Rd. X Hwy. 14 (W of Lake Arthur); Michael A. Seymour (ph, cover, p.2)), Donna L. Dittmann (ph, p. 2) and Steven W. Cardiff, Paul E. Conover (ph), Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Jay Huner. This represents the first state record.

Photo by Michael Seymour

Unaccepted Records

"Hundreds" (86-61) on 25 Mar. 1986, Cameron: Gum Cove Road. The record included one color photograph, which, under close examination, revealed that these birds were basic plumaged Lesser Golden Plovers.

Twenty-six and 17 (1989-169) on 23 & 24 Mar 1989, respectively, Franklin: between Gilbert and Jigger. The Committee agreed that the details were too vague for acceptance to the State List and probably more likely involved basic-plumaged early spring migrant American Golden- Plovers.

One (98-58) on 11 Oct 1998, Terrebonne: Cocodrie, LUMCON station. This would have represented a first state record. The observer provided a very good description and a careful analysis. Unfortunately, photographs were not obtained to support the record and the observer was not experienced with this species or Lesser Sand-Plover. Members voting not to accept the record noted that juvenile Lesser Sand-Plover was not eliminated by the description.