McCown's Longspur (Rhynchophanes mccownii)

Number of accepted McCown's Longspur records for Louisiana = 2 as of July 2015  

Accepted Records

(1979-06; formerly 81-10). Specimen, that of an immature female in winter (first basic) plumage, collected 1 December 1979 by Mike Braun; first noted 30 November by Jack Reinoehl.

photo by R. Dan Purrington

Three, one adult male and two females or immatures (1991-01), from 27 Jan-1 Feb 1991, Jefferson Davis: 1.7 mi. W of Hwy. 99 on Road 5-40, approximately 5 mi. NNW of Welsh; Donna L. Dittmann, Curtis A. Marantz, Andrew W. Kratter; found by Kenneth V. Rosenberg; AB45(2):286 reports only “two” present. This represents the second state record.