Masked Duck,  Nomonyx dominicus

Number of accepted Masked Duck records for Louisiana = 4 as of June 2015

Accepted Records

One female (1933-02) on 23 December 1933, Cameron: Sweet Lake, 25 mi. SE Lake Charles; R. T. Newton (LSUMZ 6337). Lowery (1974) gives the record as a female shot by a hunter a few miles south Lake Charles. This represents the first state record.

Photograph by Donna L. Dittmann

One female (1971-05) on 7 January 1971, Cameron: 2 mi. N Holly Beach on Mobile Lease; J. Jay Lafleur (LSUMZ 69201) and P. Ambrose Daigre (*). Lowery (1974) reports that this represents the fourth record for the state.

One female (1973-13) on 6 January 1973, Vermilion: 4 mi. SW Esther; J. Bernard (LSUMZ 127446, mount in collection) and Mark J. Villien. Lowery (1974) reports that this represents the fifth record for the state.

One in basic plumage (1992-15) on 19 Jan. 1992, Lafourche: Nicholls State University Experimental Farm; Gary Worthington (AB 46(2):276; LOS 147). Although reported in AB as the sixth record for Louisiana, this is technically the first record reviewed and accepted by the LBRC.