Mexican Violetear (formerly Green Violetear) (Colibri thalassinus)

Number of accepted Mexican Violetear records for Louisiana = 3 as of June 2017

Accepted Records

One (99-49) from 30 Jun-7 Aug 1999, Lafayette: Lafayette, 150 River Road (residence of Mr. and Mrs. Oelkers) and 110 Houmas Street (residence of Gail and Joe Andriano); William R. Fontenot (ph taken 11 & 19 Jul), Dave Patton (ph taken 12 Jul & 2 Aug), Paul E. Conover (ph taken 11 & 14 Jul), Donna L. Dittmann and Steven W. Cardiff; NAB 53(4): 397. This is the first state record.

Photos by Dave Patton, video by Paul Conover

One immature (2004-08) from 9-10 May 2004, St. Landry: Hidden Hills residential community (residence of Chrys Vildibill); Dave Patton (ph) and Paul E. Conover (ph); NAB58(3):385,461[photo]. This is the second state record.

Photo by Dave Patton, video by Paul Conover

One (2016-019) on 11-12 July 2016, Bienville: Arcadia, 2426 Jot Em Down Dr., John K. Dillon (ph) and Charles E. Lyon (ph). First observed by homeowner on 10 July and last observed on 14 July 2016. This is just the third Louisiana occurrence.

Photo by Charles E. Lyon