Bullock's Oriole (Icterus bullockii )

Bullock's Oriole was added to the Review List on 7 Sep 1996. Number of accepted Bullock's Oriole records for Louisiana = 34 as of July 2015

One adult male in definitive basic plumage (1979-19) on 21 Oct 1979, Cameron: 0.5 mi. N of Johnsons Bayou School; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 94272).

One immature male (1981-12) on 25 Oct 1981, Cameron: 0.5 mi. N of Johnsons Bayou School; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 100515).

One immature male (1983-01) on 13 November 1983, Cameron: Garner Ridge, 3 mi. W of Johnsons Bayou School; J. V. Remsen (LSUMZ 113125, ph: p. 7).

One immature male (1994-74) on 7 Feb 1994, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 160709).

One immature male (95-131) on 22 Feb. 1995, Plaquemines: Tidewater; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 161351); presumably the same bird reported by Roger J. Breedlove (card-no details) on 29 Jan. (LOS 164).

One immature male (1997-061) on 21 December 1997, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, ENE of Smith Island Woods; Paul Sunby.

One immature female (1996-74) on 22 Dec 1996, Cameron: Garner Ridge, 3 mi. W of Johnsons Bayou School; Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 164935).

One adult male (1997-47) from late Dec 1997-7 Mar 1998, St. John the Baptist: Reserve; Ronald J. Stein, Phillip A. Wallace (ph), and Gene Street (ph only). A female reported during this same period was not accepted (see Unaccepted record section below).

One adult male (1998-40/1998-08?) on 26 Feb 1998, Orleans: New Orleans, 6140 Orleans Avenue (residence of Kay Radlauer); Phillip A. Wallace.

One adult male (1998-143) on 21 December 1998, Cameron: Oak Grove; Ronald J. Stein.

Two adult males (2000-14) on 3 Jan 2000, Plaquemines: Venice, at the end of Hwy. 23; David P. Muth and John P. Sevenair.

One immature male (01-5) on 11 Jan 2001, Acadia: farmhouse ca 8 mi. SE of Eunice; William R. Fontenot (ph).

One immature male (01-04) on 11 Feb 2001, St. Martin: Lake Martin, Nature Conservancy's Cypress Island Preserve; M. Mark Swan (ph).

One immature male (01-06) on 17 Feb 2001, St. Charles: St. Rose (residence of Melanie and Pat Stephens); M. Mark Swan (ph) and Charles E. Lyon (ph); two female Bullock's/Baltimore orioles photographed on the same day by M. Mark Swan will be reviewed separately.

One adult or near-adult male (2004-57) on 24 Dec 2004, Orleans: New Orleans (residence of Leslee Reed); Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One immature male (2005-38) from Oct/Nov 2005 to at least 4 Feb 2006, Orleans: New Orleans, near Tulane University; Ilse Choi (ph) and Phillip A. Wallace (ph); NAB60(2):245.

Photo by Ilse Choi

One adult male (2006-39) on 29 Nov 2006, Jefferson: Metairie, 5617 Parkaire Drive; Beth Wiggins (ph): NAB61(1):87.

Photo by Beth Wiggins

One adult male (2006-50) from 31 Dec 2006-1 Jan 2007, Jefferson: Marrero, St. Jude Street; Paul Wolf (ph); NAB61(2):282.

Photo by Paul Wolf

One adult male (2007-90) on 23 September 2007, Jefferson: Metairie; Beth Wiggins (ph only). Possibly the same bird photographed there the preceding 29 November 2006.

One adult male (2008-49) on 20 March 2008, Jefferson: Metairie; Beth Wiggins (ph only). Possibly the same bird photographed there the preceding 29 November 2006 and/or 23 September 2007.

One adult male (2008-067) on 31 December 2008, Cameron: fragmented chenier on N. side Hwy. 82, ca 3/4 mi. W Mermentau River Bridge and ca 2 mi. W of Grand Chenier; Justin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Justin Bosler

One adult male (2009-28) on 7-12 April 2009, Cameron: Peveto Woods Sanctuary; B. Mac Myers III and Paul E. Conover (ph). This record may pertain to a Bullock’s Oriole reported by Donna Bordelon on 3 April.

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One immature male (2010-12) from 30 January-12 February 2010, St. Tammany: Mandeville, 256 Oak Drive, Pique’ residence; Roxanne Pique’(ph) and Skip Pique’ and John P. Sevenair (submitting report based on ph).

Photo by Roxanne Pique’

One adult male (2010-11) on 13 February-27 March 2010, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, residence of John and Wendy Lovelace; John Lovelace (ph) and Dennis Demcheck (photos only).

Photo by John Lovelace

One adult male (2010-114) on 15 September 2010, Jefferson: Metairie, Casa Colibrí, 3016 45th St.; Nancy L. Newfield.

One adult male (2011-127) on 7 November 2011, Lafayette: 102 Goodwood Circle, 2.4 mi. N Milton; Erik I. Johnson.

One immature/female (2013-083) on 8 October 2013, Jefferson: Harahan, Colonial Ln.; Lizette Wroten (ph).

Photo by Lizette Wroten

One adult male (2013-003) on 19 January 2013, Orleans: New Orleans, Bayou Sauvage NWR, Ridge Trail parking lot; Phillip A. Wallace (ph) and Erik I. Johnson. Reportedly originally found by Shawn Kurtzman previous day.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One male (2013-089) on 12 December 2013, Jefferson: Metairie, Lafreniere Park; Mary Mehaffey (ph).

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

One adult male (2014-061) on 25 April 2014, Cameron: Oak Grove, Oak Grove Sanctuary; Robert C. Dobbs (ph).

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One adult male (2015-004) on 23 February 2015, Orleans: New Orleans, 3261 Derby Place; Steve Picou (ph).

Photo by Steve Picou

Unaccepted Records

One immature male (2005-035) on 26 December 2005, Vermilion: Kaplan, 2000 Herpin Ave. Photographs did not support identification as this species and may better support a hybrid Bullock’s X Baltimore oriole.

One female (2012-103) on 2 January 2012, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. Excellent photographs better supported identification as a Baltimore Oriole.

One female (1997-48) from late Dec 1997-7 Mar 1998, St. John the Baptist: Reserve. Descriptions submitted by two observers were not very detailed and did not elaborate on detail of the wing bars, face, or rump. A male Bullock’s (LBRC record no. 1997-47) and an apparent female Baltimore were also present at this location during this period. Two photographs were submitted to support the identification of this record and the LBRC had to assume that these photographs represented the bird the observers identified as the female Bullock’s. These images show a female oriole with extensively orangish-yellow underparts, yellow undertail coverts, and two very distinct wing bars. Neither the photos nor the written details are outside the range of the extensive variation shown by female Baltimore Orioles.

One immature male (1999-75) on 19 Dec 1999, Cameron: Cameron Meadows area (Johnsons Bayou CBC). The description was not detailed enough to eliminate similar species, and the record failed on a 2-5 vote after two circulations.