Antillean Nighthawk (Chordeiles gundlachii)

Number of accepted Antillean Nighthawk records for Louisiana = 1 as of June 2015.



Accepted Records

One (1977-08; formerly 83-3) in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, from 27 May to 17 August 1977 and (presumably the same bird) 24 to 26 May 1978 (Jack Reinoehl*; Dan Purrington, Bob Newman, et al). Vocalizations of this bird were tape-recorded by Purrington and the tape was invaluable in documenting this record. The Antillean Nighthawk is very similar to the Common Nighthawk and was only recently recognized by the A.O.U. "Check-List Committee" as a separate species (AOU 1983). The typical "songs" of the Antillean and Common Nighthawks are quite distinct, allowing for field identification of calling birds. This is the only U.S. record to date outside of Florida.

Unaccepted Records