English and Scientific names:

Mountain Bluebird  Sialia currucoides



Number of individuals: 

One, female




Specific Locality:

Grand Isle, mainland, cemetery on Hwy 1.

Date(s) when observed:

January 5, 2011


Time(s) of day when observed:  

about 9:30am


Reporting observer and address:

Glenn Ousset

Chalmette, La 70043


Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):

Tom Trenchard, Mary Mehaffey, Shelly AntoineNone at this time.


Other observers who independently identified the bird(s)

Numerous others previously.

Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

Good light in overcast conditions. No rain.


Optical equipment: 

10x42 binoculars in good condition.


Distance to bird(s): 

about 50 to 100 feet


Duration of observation:

5 to 10 minutes.


dry ground between highway and salt marsh. Close cut grass, some taller grass, some bushes. Numerous perches available: signs, stumps, fence.


Behavior of bird: 

Bird avoided immediate proximity of observers by moving away, while continuing normal behavior of flying between perches and periodically descending to ground. It continued in this activity throughout observation.

Seemed to sit differently than Eastern Bluebird, with less upright posture.



Upperside mostly dull darkish gray, maybe a little bluish. Underside a bit lighter gray. Folded wing and tale pale light blue. Lighter small crescent behind eye.




Similar species:

Western and Eastern Bluebird. eliminated by darkness of breast and belly and total lack of reddish color on throat, breast and belly.

Photographs or tape recordings obtained?

I took a photo which is being submitted.

Previous experience with this species: 

Once, on breeding range in South Dakota.

Identification aids:

Sibley guide before observation and before preparing this form.

This description is written from: 

Notes composed during observation.

Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 



Date and time: 

January 6, 2011. 8:45am