1. English and Scientific names: Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides kumlieni)

2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 in alternate plumage): 1 first or possibly second cycle

3. Locality: Parish: Plaquemines Parish  

   Specific Locality: Venice Dump

4. Date(s) when observed: 30 March 2013

5. Time(s) of day when observed: 9:44-10:14am

6. Reporting observer and address: Phillip Wallace


                                                         New Orleans, LA 70125

7. Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s): David Muth, Dan Purrington

8. Other observers who independently identified the bird(s): Reported by Tom Johnson on 9 March; seen subsequently by many others

9. Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light): Good; light perpendicular to line of sight.

10. Optical equipment (type, power, condition): Kowa 22x60 scope

11. Distance to bird(s):20-100 m

12. Duration of observation: 20 minutes

13. Habitat: Industrial yard near dump.

14. Behavior of bird / circumstances of observation (flying, feeding, resting; include and stress habits used in identification; relate events surrounding observation): Resting, preening, flying.

15. Description (include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen; include if possible: total length/relative size compared to other familiar species, body bulk, shape, proportions, bill, eye, leg, and plumage characteristics. Stress features that separate it from similar species): Essentially a white plumaged gull smaller than a Herring but larger than RB Gull; small, rounded head shape; pinkish or horn-colored bill with black distal third lacking sharp demarcation, bill relatively short and small; very pale gray mantle; some pale coffee color in underwing linings; pink legs; primaries white; tail white distally with some pale coffee coloration basally; dirty coffee color on the belly;

16. Voice: None

17. Similar species (include how they were eliminated by your observation): Thayer’s is primary contender, with taxonomy unclear. Kumlien’s paler and more petite; out of range birds difficult to ID with certainty. Smaller and more petite than Glaucous; bill smaller.

18. Photographs or tape recordings obtained? (by whom? attached?): Photos by Wallace at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5hrfpqjlmhep182/lAs9NHYjyJ

19. Previous experience with this species: One possible sighting at Rutherford Beach several years ago still under review.

20. Identification aids: (list books, illustrations, other birders, etc. used in identification):

a. at time of observation: None

b. after observation: Howell and Dunn

21. This description is written from: Notes, memory, and photos.


22. Are you positive of your identification if not, explain: No, but primarily because of taxonomic issues.

23. Date: 20 May 2013 Time: 9:15 pm