English and Scientific names:

Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis)

Number of individuals: 

1 adult; probably different from Gray Kingbird seen on April 22 on another part of the island. See that report for reasoning.

Locality: LOUISIANA: 


Specific Locality:

Grand Isle; east end of the island near the entrance to the state park.

Date(s) when observed:

April 29, 30 and May 6, 2006

Time(s) of day when observed:  

Morning and afternoon; specific times not noted.

Reporting observer and address:

Phillip Wallace
New Orleans, LA

Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):

Mac Myers (discovered on Apr. 28), Curt Sorrells, et al.

Other observers who independently identified the bird(s)

Many observers; LOS weekend on April 29-30.

Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

Fair to good. Bird to the south of the observers. Overcast.

Optical equipment: 

Zeiss 10 x 40 binoculars

Distance to bird(s): 

20-40 meters

Duration of observation:

Actual observation about 30 minutes total


Wax Myrtle and other scubby habitat a couple of hundred meters from the Gulf.

Behavior of bird: 

Perching, flying, feeding.


Medium to large kingbird with pale gray upperparts and off-white underparts. Large, long all-black bill. Blackish mask. Slightly notched tail with no hint of white at the tip.



Similar species:

Pale gray upperparts and whitish underparts eliminate all other expected kingbirds.

Photographs or tape recordings obtained?

Stills from videotape accompany this report.

Previous experience with this species: 

I've seen many times in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

Identification aids:


This description is written from: 

Memory and videotape.

Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 




Phillip Wallace

Date and time: 

August 8, 2006; 8:45 p.m.