Flammulated Owl,  Otus flammeolus

Number of accepted Flammulated Owl records for Louisiana = 4 as of November 2017

Accepted Records

One male (1949-01) on 2 January 1949, West Baton Rouge: 8 mi. S Baton Rouge on Sardine Point; L. L. Glasgow, S. Hall, and H. Greshan (LSUMZ 13221, photo on p. 12). This is the first record for Louisiana (Lowery 1974; Glasgow et al. 1950).

Photos by Van Remsen

One (99-97) on 11 Oct 1999, Gulf of Mexico: Green Canyon 18A oil platform, 110 mi. S of Morgan City, 27o 51 37 N, 91 o 01 45 W; Marshall J. Iliff (ph); NAB 54(1): 63, ph in NAB 54(1): 115. This represents the second accepted state record.

Photo by Marshall Iliff

One (2007-38) on 19 October 2007, Cameron: Rutherford Beach, Robb C. Dobbs (ph) .
Photo by Rob Dobbs

One (2007-87) on 4 November 2007, Gulf of Mexico: oil platform 78 mi. SE mouth of South Pass of the Mississippi River; Buddy Horton (ph only) and original email notification from Ned Brinkley.
Photo by Buddy Horton

Unaccepted Records

One (2000-083) on 17 December 2000, Cameron: Willow Island, 7 mi. E of Cameron This record received a majority non accept vote on the Second Circulation. The observer had no experience with the species but clearly described an encounter with a small owl with dark eyes and lacking ear tufts. Unfortunately, photos could not be obtained. The description sounded somewhat convincing, but not much descriptive detail about size, proportions, or plumage could be accumulated during the relatively brief observation. Another potentially supporting character noted was a row of buff spots in the scapulars. However, brown morph Eastern Screech-Owls can also show a row of buff or rusty scapular spots, and they can also show other rusty patches in the neck/shoulder area. So, presence of that field mark did not decisively eliminate Eastern Screech-Owl over Flammulated Owl.