1. English and Scientific names: American Flamingo, Phoenicopterus ruber

2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 in alternate plumage):

1 Male with yellow band on upper right leg, reading HDNT.

3. Locality: LOUISIANA: (parish) Cameron

Specific Locality: Behind houses located at 4253 Grand Chenier Hwy and 4033 Grand Chenier Hwy, Grand Chenier.

4. Date(s) when observed: April 21st and 30th, 2011 and May 11th, 2011

5. Time(s) of day when observed: afternoon between the hours of 3pm and 6pm

6. Reporting observer and address: Carrie and Brac Salyers: 5500 Grand Chenier Hwy. Grand Chenier, LA 70643

7. Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s): Sara Zimorski, Kenton Bonsall and family

8. Other observers who independently identified the bird(s): Kenton Bonsall and family

9. Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light): Partly cloudy to sunny. Every time the bird was observed it was in an open field with no shade trees.

10. Optical equipment (type, power, condition): Nikon D90 with 18-200mm lens

11. Distance to bird(s): As close as 50 yards.

12. Duration of observation: ~ 1 hour each time observed

13. Habitat: Open field

14. Behavior of bird / circumstances of observation (flying, feeding, resting; include and stress habits used in identification; relate events surrounding observation): Each time the bird has been surrounded by Canada geese, up to as many as 30. The bird reacts to the geese…if they move then he moves. If they take flight then he takes flight with them. First observation, the bird appeared very relaxed and was attempting to rest and tuck its head on what was reported by landowner Kenton Bonsall as a sandy ‘grit’ site.

15. Description (include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen; include if possible: total length/relative size compared to other familiar species, body bulk, shape, proportions, bill, eye, leg, and plumage characteristics. Stress features that separate it from similar species): Please see above.

16. Voice: The flamingo would vocalize when the geese would call in reaction to me moving closer to the group. We have video of this behavior.

17. Similar species (include how they were eliminated by your observation): Roseate spoonbill…this flamingo is much larger, different bill shape and has black wings when in flight.

18. Photographs or tape recordings obtained? (by whom? attached?): Yes, both were taken. Photos attached. All photos taken by Carrie Salyers.

19. Previous experience with this species: Only in zoo/captive settings.

20. Identification aids: (list books, illustrations, other birders, etc. used in identification):

LOS previous bird records of this specific individual.

a. at time of observation:

b. after observation:

21. This description is written from: _____ notes made during the observation (_____notes attached?);_____notes made after the observation (date:_____); __Yes_memory.

22. Are you positive of your identification if not, explain: Yes

23. Signature of reporter: Carrie Salyers__Date:_5-13-11_Time:__11:00am_