English and Scientific names:

Curve-Billed Thrasher  Toxostoma curvirostre

Number of individuals: 

1 Adult

Locality: LOUISIANA: 

Off shore in Garden Banks block 346

Specific Locality:

Oil rig located at 27 d 37' N, 92d 5'W

Date(s) when observed:

June 5 thru 8, 2006

Time(s) of day when observed:  

All daylifgt hours.

Reporting observer and address:

Brad Martin

Cocoa, FL

Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):

Adam Peterson, Neil Ricketts

Other observers who independently identified the bird(s)


Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

Direct sunlight

Optical equipment: 

Celestron 8x42 Regal excellent

Distance to bird(s): 

20 feet

Duration of observation:

Landed close on numerous occasions over several days


Rig on open ocean

Behavior of bird: 

Resting on post


Trasher size. Bill long and strongly de-curved. Orange eyes. Long thrasher type tail. Light greyish brown with spotted breast. Faint wing-bars.


Not Heard

Similar species:

No other thrasher has spotsnot streaks on underparts and a long strongly curved bill.

Photographs or tape recordings obtained?

Photographed by Brad Martin with Nikon D70s and 300mm lens from about 20 feet.

Previous experience with this species: 


Identification aids:

Kaufman Guide Eastern North America edition. Sibley Guide, Eastern edition. National Geographic Complete Birds of North America.

This description is written from: 

Notes and photos.

Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 




Brad Martin

Date and time: 

4 April 2007. 3:00