1. English and Scientific names:

California Gull, Larus californicus

2. Number of individuals, sexes, ages, general plumage (e.g., 2 in alternate plumage):

1 third winter, same bird seen on 1/19/13.

3. Locality: LOUISIANA: (parish)

Cameron Parish

Specific Locality:

1 mile offshore from Calcasieu River Jetties, approximately 1 mile of 1/19/13 sighting.

4. Date(s) when observed:

Feb 8, 2013

5. Time(s) of day when observed:

mid day

6. Reporting observer and address:

Dave Patton, Lafayette, LA 70506

7. Other observers accompanying reporter who also identified the bird(s):


8. Other observers who independently identified the bird(s):

9. Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

sunlight behind

10. Optical equipment (type, power, condition):

Binoculars and 300mm lens

11. Distance to bird(s):

all around boat, less than 50 feet at times

12. Duration of observation:

30 minutes

13. Habitat:

open gulf within a few miles of shore

14. Behavior of bird / circumstances of observation (flying, feeding, resting; include and stress habits used in identification; relate events surrounding observation):

Came into popcorn with a mixed flock of gulls including Herring, Laughing, and Ring-billed. Flew around the boat and landed on the water waiting for more popcorn. Repeatedly got up and came in for more as popcorn was thrown.

15. Description (include only what was actually seen, not what "should" have been seen; include if possible: total length/relative size compared to other familiar species, body bulk, shape, proportions, bill, eye, leg, and plumage characteristics. Stress features that separate it from similar species): Looked 3rd winter, nearing adult. Size between Herring and Ring-billed. Upper wings and mantle medium grey, darker than Herring and lighter than Laughing. Belly, throat, and under tail white with distinct brown streaking in the nape. Tail white with bold but worn black terminal band. Eye brown. Bill dull yellow with black tip and orange gonys. Legs dull yellow/green. Wing had large black tips with white spots on ends. See photos.

16. Voice:

Similar to Herring, recorded on poor video.

17. Similar species (include how they were eliminated by your observation):

Herring smaller with darker mantle, wing tips more black, eye brown.

Ring-billed A little larger, orange in gonys, eye brown.

18. Photographs or tape recordings obtained? (by whom? attached?):

Yes , comparison proves same bird as 1/19/13, Dave Patton, attached

19. Previous experience with this species:

a couple in LA and this bird 3 weeks prior

20. Identification aids: (list books, illustrations, other birders, etc. used in identification):

a. at time of observation:

b. after observation:

21. This description is written from: __photos___ notes made during the observation (_____notes attached?);_____notes made after the observation (date:_____); __X___memory.

22. Are you positive of your identification if not, explain:


23. Signature of reporter: Dave Patton



24. May the LBRC have permission to display this report or
portions of this report on its webite? Yes

If yes, may we include your name with the report?


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