English and Scientific names:

Black-whiskered Vireo

Vireo altiloquus

Number of individuals: 



Locality: LOUISIANA: 

Cameron Parish




Specific Locality:

Peveto Woods

Date(s) when observed:

1 May 2005


Time(s) of day when observed:  

about 6:30pm

Reporting observer and address:

Phred Benham

Baton Rouge, LA


Other observers who also identified the bird(s):

Van Remsen, Devin and Justin Bosler (found by Benham)


Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

The lighting was excellent, with the sun at my back, and there was no shade on the bird

Optical equipment: 

Swarovzki SLC 10x42


Distance to bird(s): 

10-15 feet

Duration of observation:

about 5-10 minutes


In coastal chenier, mostly live oak where bird was seen.


Behavior of bird: 

The bird was seen sitting in a tree and hardly moved during time of observation. Seen preening and just sitting, was not foraging



A large vireo very similar to Red-eyed Vireo. Had a gray crown, whitish supercillium, dark line, and distinct black whiskers on either side of throat. Greenish above and whitish on the breast with yellow undertail coverts, belly and flanks.




Similar species:

Black-whiskered is most similar to Red-eyed and Yellow-green Vireos, but the distinct black whiskers are diagnostic for Black-whiskered, and though it appeared more yellow than other Red-eyed vireos I had seen that day it did not have yellow along the sides and into the cheeks like Yellow-green Vireo.

Photographs or tape recordings obtained?


Previous experience with this species: 

This is the first one I have seen in Louisiana, but I saw and banded several in Eastern Puerto Rico. 

Identification aids:

At time of observation:

No books used at time of observation, but other observers agreed with identification

After observation: Sibley Guide to Birds

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Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 




Phred Benham

Date and time: 

2 May 2005