Brewer's Sparrow,  Spizella breweri

Number of accepted Brewer's Sparrow records for Louisiana = 2 as of July 2015

One female (1952-05) on 7 December 1952, Cameron: 1.5 mi. S of Cameron; George H. Lowery (mount, LSUMZ 58, ph: p. 6). This is a first state record.

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann of mounted specimen in display case at LSUMNS. Arrow shows abnormal tail molt.

One immature male specimen (2011-079) on 8 October 2011, Cameron: near Johnsons Bayou; Paul E. Conover (ph, LSUMZ) and Donna L. Dittmann (DLD 10340). This is the second State Record.

Photos by Paul Conover.