English and Scientific names:

Broad-billed Hummingbird, Cynanthus latirostris

Number of individuals: 

1 male, adult plumage


Locality: LOUISIANA: 

Vermilion Parish



Specific Locality:

Gueydan, LA. Yard of Ken and Elizabeth Guidry in the town of Gueydan.


Date(s) when observed:

First observed by Elizabeth on 11/11/04. Photographed by me on 11/12/04. Banded by me on 11/16/04.


Time(s) of day when observed:  

Banded 3:30 PM

Reporting observer and address:

Dave Patton


Lafayette, LA




Other observers who also identified the bird(s):

Elizabeth Guidry first ID'ed the hummingbird.


Light conditions (position of bird in relation to shade and to direction and amount of light):

In hand.

Optical equipment: 

In hand.


Distance to bird(s): 

In hand.

Duration of observation:

Often perched in good view prior to banding.


Urban yard. Very overgrown in vines and hummingbird plants.




Behavior of bird: 

Maintained territory with flowering plants and a feeder.




Long curved bill that was dark on the tip and red on the basal 1/2 of the upper and about 80% of the lower bill. Dark crown, green back and breast. Distinct post ocular spot. Blue gorget with a few gaps and dusky feathers on the sides, but mostly complete. White tufts at the legs, and gray undertail coverts. Dark tail with thin dusky tips. Primaries in molt with P1-6 new, P7 = 40%, P8-10 old. Both rectrices 1 & 2 were also missing. See photos.

 Tail 30mm, wing cord 50.57mm, exposed culmen 21.83mm, weight 3.79 grams, no fat. No grooves in the maxilla indicating immature.



Chimp note similar to Ruby-crowned Kinglet often given as a double note, and some times run out in a series when territory was intruded.

Similar species:

Red bill eliminated most other possibilities except Buff-bellied and White-eared. Bill was too long, no white ear, and full green breast, and blue gorget eliminated White-eared. No orange in tail or buff in belly, and blue gorget eliminated Buff-bellied.


Photographs or tape recordings obtained?

Digital photos at feeder and in hand by Dave Patton.

Sony digital camera.

Previous experience with this species: 

Banded a few and saw them on a trip to Arizona.



Identification aids:


This description is written from: 

Notes taken during banding.


Are you positive of your identification? If not, explain: 




Dave Patton

Date and time: 

11/19/04.  8:45 PM