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HotSpot Archive

These websites have appeared as the LOS Featured HotSpot . Check back periodically for new additions to the HotSpot Archive.

African Bird Club

Read about the effort to confirm the appearance and identification criteria of the Red-shouldered Vanga, Calicalicus rufocarpalis , first described from two female specimens collected in 1947 near Toliara, south-west Madagascar. See photos of endangered and newly described birds from remote areas of the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania and elsewhere on the dark continent. This attractive and informative website deserves significant surf-time. Check it out by pointing your browser to http://www.africanbirdclub.org .

The Penguin Page

Kevin Welch's Penguin Page offers information on each of the 17 species of penguins, including audio and video files. The site is well organized and easy on the eyes. Did you know the Little Blue Penguin is only 15 inches and about 2 pounds, while the Emperor Penguin averages 45 inches and 65 pounds? Brush up on penguins by pointing your browser to http://www.vni.net/~kwelch/penguins/ .

The North American Breeding Bird Survey
Results and Analysis: 1966 - 1996

This information-packed site has a species account section; a program which allows estimation of population change for any species, on any BBS route; ongoing research projects on migratory birds; photographs, songs, identification tips; and much more. Brown-headed Cowbirds really are declining in some areas of Louisiana! Learn more by pointing your browser to http://www.mbr.nbs.gov/bbs/bbs.html .

Oriental Bird Club

The attractive website of the Oriental Bird Club is worth visiting solely for the photographs and paintings, but there is much more. Thinking about birding in Sumba, Thailand, or Beidaihe, China? How about Malaysia? If so, the OBC's sales page offers trip reports. The site also features articles from the OBC bulletin -- learn about the declining Red-faced Malkoha of Sri Lanka in the current issue. Explore the Orient by pointing your browsers to http://www.orientalbirdclub.org/ .

Tony Palliser's Pelagic Home Page

The LABIRD mail list recently has been buzzing with debate about the identification of birds seen on the last LOS pelagic trip. If all that email isn't enough, Tony Palliser's pages from down under may be just the place to get your pelagic fill. To visit, point your browsers to http://www.zip.com.au/~palliser/ .

The Shorebird Watcher

Louisiana birders were recently sent scurrying to Cameron Parish in search of a reported LONG-TOED STINT. The verdict's still out as to whether it was a stint or just an interesting and unusual juvenile Least Sandpiper. The bird in question is long gone now, but you can find a Long-toed Stint, Least Sandpipers, and a host of other shorebird information on the pages by Dick and Jean Hoffman -- The Shorbird Watcher. Check it out by pointing your browsers to http://pw1.netcom.com/~djhoff/shorebrd.html .

Gull Identification Page

Gulls often present the most intriguing and difficult identification problems in the bird world. There is a small but growing cadre of websites offering interesting photographs of gulls at all ages and in various plumages. Steve Hampton's GULL IDENTIFICATION PAGE is one such site. Supplement your P.J. Grant by visiting this useful site: http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Canopy/6181/gulls.html .

Ducks at a Distance, A Waterfowl Identification Guide

Scoping a fast-flying flock of ducks from 500 yards, in the mist, in bad light. Been there before, right? These aren't the most conducive conditions in which to make a positive identification of species. This USGS site by Bob Hines offers logical and helpful pointers to help sort out ducks at a distance. Hone your duck identification skills by selecting the flock of bufflehead, above, or point your browsers to http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/tools/duckdist/duckdist.htm .

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

This site provides an overwhelming wealth of information -- an incredible amount of data -- about the natural resources of the North American Great Plains. Covering even a small fraction of the pages at this site can take many hours, or much of the information can be downloaded in the conveniently formatted compressed files to enjoy offline and at one's leisure. Direct your browser to http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/index.htm .

Neotropical Bird Club

"Forty-seven years after the last report and nearly 130 years after the only specimen was collected, the Cherry-throated Tanager, Nemosia rourei , has been rediscovered in Espirito Santo State, Brazil." -- Sound enticing? Read this acount and others amid spectacular photographs of brilliantly colored tropical species, including Coppery-chested Jacamar, Blue Manakin and Hoary Puffleg at the well-designed, attractive site of this U.K.-based club. Direct your browser to http://www.neotropicalbirdclub.org/.

Birds of the Upper Texas Coast

David Sarkozi's website is a rich source of birding information for anyone planning to visit the Upper Texas Coast, which includes Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Galveston, Chambers County, and Jefferson County. Click on the logo above or point your browser to http://www.texasbirding.net/.

Send suggestions for future HotSpots to: lhoste@lhostelaw.com

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Updated 23May2000