2/16/2011 2:59 PM

Have had a couple of questions about the Couch's kingbird I reported this morning. Saw the bird yesterday afternoon, went back just before lunch and took a lot of slightly less than spectacular photos which I don't know how to post anywhere - you'll have to ask me off list and I'll send them to you a few at a time. Bird is in an impoundment with scattered baldcypress of various ages on east side of Messina Road (Forest Road 273) a little over one mile south of LA 28 West. You'll cross Bayou Boeuf and then the road curves to the right up the hill and impoundment is right there on left. Not much space to pull off road - mostly on left. Be careful! Bird has been frequenting the north end of impoundment near road (same perch used both times I've been). The impoundment is private property. You have to walk through a gap in the trees to get on the levee near the northwest corner of the impoundment to see the bird in its usual spot. While there yesterday, a lady pulled over and asked what I was doing. I told her and she said I was OK. I don't know if she was the owner or not. The bird responds immediately and noticeably to playback of Couch's vocalizations so one doesn't even have to go on the levee - just call the bird over to the road. Not a lot of room for multiple cars right there so consider that. There's somewhat more room to park at the bayou with a short walk up the road.

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