Bill Hoffpauir called me this afternoon to tell me he saw a Harris's Hawk along Hwy 90,
about 1 mile east of Rayne. I called Paul Conover knowing he would be in the area after
work, and we all met around 4:00 PM at the location. It was not there the first time
I passed, but soon returned to the telephone pole it was seen on earlier. There is a
Red-tailled Hawk a 1/4 mile to the west on a pole and Paul saw the two mix it up a bit.
The Harris's likes to cross the Hwy and the RR tracks to enter the trees to the north
of the Hwy. It seems to like perching on the telephone pole cross tie and search the
grass below.The location is .6 (6/10's) of a mile east of Leroy Breaux Rd where it
intersects with Hwy 90. This is about 1 mile east of Rayne, LA. There are pipe line
crossing markers on the sides of the highway where the hawk hangs out. Be carefull
pulling off because there only a narrow grass shoulder and fast cars. There was a
small pull out a little to the west that the poles can be seen from. The shoulder
can produce flat tires as I can attest to.

Dave Patton

= = = = = =


The Harris's Hawk was seen again Tuesday. I received a note from Karen Pierson saying she
and Bob passed the location twice. It was not there at 2PM, but was on the poles at 3:45PM. The area
across the trees and RR tracks can not be accessed by road, and it seems to spend some time over there.
One easy way to check if coming from the east is to get off I-10 at the Duson Exit, come south a couple of miles
to Hwy 90, and travel west to Rayne. The hawk's poles are about 2.5 miles down Hwy 90 from that point
and as you see Rayne coming up ahead. You can jump back on I-10 in Rayne.

Dave Patton

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