Subject: [LABIRD-L] LOS Rare Bird Alert Text Messaging
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 15:02:26 -0500
From: birdlists
Reply-To: birdlists

Based on the TOS RBA, I have set up a Louisiana RBA (LOSRBA) (and I send thanks to TOS folks for using their helpful information)

The LOS RBA is a SMS (text message) based rare bird alert that you can send and received in the field. The idea is for you to be able to learn about a rare bird while still in the field so you can have the latest information.

Why a text message based system? Believe it or not, not everyone has a smart phone that they can check e-mail on, and more important itís not always easy to post a message to LABIRD in the field.

LOS RBA is open to all and messages are distributed immediately, so you get the info while itís still fresh, letting you make a choice about what to do with that info when perhaps you're still in the field and close to the bird.

LOS RBA is supported by small ads in the unused part of the message. I have not found the ads annoying or hard to ignore. And it's pretty easy to delete notices that you aren't interested in and easy to get off if you don't like getting messages. On your cell phone, type LEAVE LOSRBA (which is the group you no longer want to receive messages from), then send

You can view the website for it at and sign up from there.

Not every bird should be posted to LOS RBA! The idea is to post the most sought after birds that are difficult to locate on a statewide basis. As a guide, we will be using the Review List, which is located on the web site: Please use common sense in posting a rare bird. Cave Swallows have been seen regularly in SW LA, so I donít think it would qualify for the RBA, unless it was seen in a very unusual location.

Find yourself in the field and would like to post to the LOS RBA but haven't subscribed? You can do that, just send a message to 41411 and put LOSRBA as the first thing on your message, then report the bird and location. That will subscribe you automatically and your message will be posted. If you want to sign off at any time just send a message to 41411 and put STOP as the first four letters of your message.

You can subscribe from your phone also by just sending a message to 41411 and putting only LOSRBA in the message, no other text please, that would get sent out to the LOS RBA if you did.

Spring migration is here and LOS RBA is perfect for get the latest when you're in the migration hotspots. No more of spending the day at Peveto Woods and learning there was a Black-whiskered Vireo at one of the other SW LA areas when you get home!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or problems.

Judith O'Neale
LOS Treasurer