Lake Martin - 11Feb2001 - by Mark Swan

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:58:45 -0600
Reply-To: Bulletin Board for Dissemination of Information on Louisiana Birds
Sender: Bulletin Board for Dissemination of Information on Louisiana Birds
From: Mark Swan
Subject: Bullock's Oriole
Today, Sunday, 11 Feb 2001 I squeaked up a 1st winter male Bullock's Oriole at the edge of The Nature Conservancy's Cypress Island Nature Preserve at Lake Martin in St. Martin Parish around 3 PM. The bird chattered and came out a second time so that I could show Ruth as well. I sent David L'Hoste a video mosaic with an aerial photograph of the location, in case he can make them available at I marked the location on the photo with a red circle. The UTM coordinates (nad83) of the location is 604170, 3343500 - in case you use a GPS unit. Van, is that a first for LABIRD?
The bird is dull orange, has a black chin, jagged edges to the upper white wingbar, and an orangish eyestripe that contrasts with a dark gray crown and eyeline. It's loud chatter call sounds just like that of the Baltimore Oriole that I had in my yard in December. The Bullock's called only in response to my squeaking.
To visit the bird's location, walk exactly 1.5 miles N and NW of the gate at the south end of the lake. Ruth reminds that you can also walk about 1 1/4 miles from the N parking area. To mark the place I hung 2 short pink strips of flagging on a lower branche of a hackberry sapling growing in the east edge of the levee path. If you are coming from the south and reach the big TNC sign, you've walked about 700-800 feet too far. The bird stayed in the woods on the east side of the levee and didn't remain in view for long. Lake Martin can be reached by driving 2 miles SE of Breaux Bridge along Rt. 31. Turn right onto Lake Martin Rd. At the lake turn left and drive almost to the paved road (Rt. 353). The gate is there. I recommend exiting (and perhaps arriving) on Rt. 353, which runs 5 miles ESE from Lafayette to the gate area.
Thanks to Texaco for donating the land to TNC.
Thanks to Jay Huner for all those emails that final encouraged me to walk around the entire lake (5 miles) I also noticed about 8 Winter Wrens, 2 groups (4-5 birds) of Rusty Blackbirds, very few RC Kinglets, and no gnatcatchers.
That's 191 Charlie. (377 for LA)
Mark Swan
Baton Rouge
Bullock's Oriole (22 kb)
Mosaic of video stills of Bullock's Oriole (153 kb)
photos by
Mark Swan
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