Western Hummingbirds in Louisiana

Updated 08 March 2000

Follow this link for histograms of western hummingbird observations.
From: Thomas A. Sylvest
Subject: LA Western Winter Hummers - Final Report
To: Multiple recipients of list HUMNET-L
Tom Sylvest 225.869.5119

Humnetters and Labirders this is the final report unless someone feeds me
late data on the past winter Louisiana non-Ruby-throat Hummers. I used "Western" inappropriately to
describe them.

I expect to tabulate and analyze the data to see if there are lessons to be
learned and observations to be made. That I hope to share with all in an
appropriate medium. Feel free to do the same thing yourself. The data are
not mine. They belong to all of us.

I can not thank all of you enough for your cooperation in sending your
observations and dates. While this is far from pure science. We can still
learn from it. If nothing else we may learn some more questions to ask in
our search for knowledge about these, the most fascinating creatures of the
avian world.

Merci Beaucoups.

Tom Sylvest
P. O. Box 476
Gramercy, LA 70052

Since our 2-20-00 update I have received additions to our list as follows.
Van Remsen St. Gabriel LA, Iberville Parish, Calliope female FO 2-20-00, Rufous im. m. FO 2-6-00 (probably a trespasser from Dittmann-Cardiff), Rufous ad. f. FO 2-17-00, Black-chinned FO 2-18-00.
Steve Cardiff and Donna DittmanBroad-tailed- female FO 12-22-99, Calliope female FO 12/21/99, Calliope femaleFO 2-1-00, Rufous ad. female, Rufous im. m. 11/19/99, banded by Dave Patton on 2/18, still present 2/23/00 imm. male from 12/4/99, banded by Dave Patton on 2/18, probably still present 2/23/00 imm. male on 12/5/99 seen only that day New imm. male 12/30, banded by Dave Patton on 2/18, most recently seen 2/23/00, New adult female seen on 2/6 and 2/22
Bonnie Odom, Denham Springs LA, Livingston Parish R/A type female FO 12-1-99, Black-chinned Ad. Male FO 12-1-99.
Tracey Banowitz, Baton Rouge, LA East Baton Rouge Parish, Selasphorus R/A type female FO 2-25-00
Rosalie Whiteman, Abita Springs, LA #1 Black-chinned mature male FO 2-26-00, #2 Black-chinned mature male FO 2-26-00.
Olga Clifton, Abita Springs, LA St. Tammany Parish Rufous male FO 2-28-00 Rufous female FO 2-28-00.
John Sevenair New Orleans, LA Orleans Parish Buff-bellied FO 2-27-00

Update by Parishes (out of staters, a parish in Louisiana is the same as a
county in other states) @8:15AM 3-8-00, alphabetically. We now have posted
383 Louisiana western winter hummer observations as follows:

ASCENSION PARISH 13 hummers 3 yards
Lynn Becnel Donaldsonville, LA #1Selasphorus FO 9-2-99, #2Selasphorus FO
9-8-99, #3Rufous adult male FO 10-29-99, #4 R/A Selasphorus 10-29-99, #5
Selasphorus immature male FO 11-2-99, #6 Selasphorus female FO 11-17-99,
Buff-bellied FO 12/27/99
Shirley Drewes, Prairieville, LA Buff-bellied FO 10-23-99, R/A type
Selasphorus FO 11-3-99, R/A type FO 11-27-99
Anne Gregory, Prairieville/Alligator Bayou, Broad-billed immature male FO
11-4-99, R/A type Selasphorus FO 11-4-99, Black-chinned male FO 11-15-99.

Frances Dupre, Belle Rose, LA Buff-bellied 12-1-99(May be shared
w/Donald Savoie)
Donald Savoie, Belle Rose, LA Assumption Parish Buff-bellied FO 12-1-99?
(May be shared w/ Frances Dupre about half mile apart). Other hummers to
be identified.

BOSSIER PARISH 1 hummer 1 yard
Terry R. Davis, Bossier City, LA, Rufous, immature male FO 11-7-99

CADDO PARISH 1 Hummer 1 yard
Fred Christian Selasphorus . FO 9-22-99

CALCASIEU PARISH 9 hummers 4 yards
Winston Caillouet Lake Charles, LA Male Rufous FO 9-26-99, 1 Black-chinned,
possibly banded, FO 10-17-99, 1 Rufous Male FO 10-17-99, Black-chinned
immature male FO 11-2-99
Alan Hohensee, Sulphur, LA , Black-chinned FO 11-13-99Rufous im. male FO
Peter Lund, Moss Bluff, LA Buff-bellied FO 11-15-99(approx)
Bill Goulet, Lake Charles, LA, Rufous im.male FO 12-14-99, Black-chinned
Im. Male FO 12-14-99.
CAMERON PARISH 7 hummers 4 yards
Marianna Tanner Primeaux 1 R/A Selasphorus FO 10-29-99, Buff-bellied FO
11-11-99, Black-chinned FO 11-13-99.(One Selasphorus observed on CBC on
Dec. 18, 1999 not counted as an FO)
Jo Ann Nunez, Oak Grove, LA Cameron Parish #1 Buff-bellied FO12-2-99, #2
Buff-bellied FO 12-2-99
Carol Foil ad Darren Clark,Johnson's Bayou CBC, Peveto Woods, Buff-bellied
FO 12-19-99.
Gary and Matt Pontiff and Billy Leonard Hackberry, LA Cameron Parish
(Sabine CBC) Rufous FO 12-18-99
EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH 81 Hummers 28 yards
Miriam Davey, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous Adult Male banded FO 8-14-99, R/A
female type FO 12-5-99,Calliope FO 12-5-99
Black-chinned probably banded,FO 10-18-99, R/A Selasphorus 10-25-99.
Tracey Banowetz, Baton Rouge, LA #1Selasphorus FO 9-3-99, #2Selasphorus R/A
female type FO 11-12-99, #3Rufous immature male FO 12-5-99 #4 Rufous
immature male FO 12-6-99,
#5 Rufous mature male FO 2-6-00, #6Selasphorus R/A type female FO 2-25-00
Vicki Vance, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous adult female, FO 9-11-99, Rufous Im.
Male FO 12-24-99
Selasphorus immature male FO 12-4-99, Selasphorus FO 12-5-99
Martin and Ann Guidry Baton Rouge, LA Selasphorus R/A type FO 9-1-99,
Selasphorus R/A type FO 9-16-99, Rufous adult male FO 12-4-99, R/A female
type FO 12-4-99, R/A female
type, Rufous , FO 12-4-99(yes two), Rufous adult female FO
12-23-99,Broad-tailed adult female FO 12-23-99, Broad-tailed immature male
FO 12-23-99 Buff-bellied immature FO 12-23-99
Dennis Demchek, Baton Rouge, LA Im. M. Rufous FO 9-24-99, Selasphorus
11-5-99 Black-chinned female type FO 11-7-99
Carol Foil, Baton Rouge, LA #1 Selasphorus FO 10-21-99, Calliope female
type FO 12-25-99,Calliope Im Male FO 1-2-00 #2 S.Rufous SY male fo 1-8-00
Julie Levert, Baton Rouge, LA Buff-bellied FO 10-24-99.
Bud Snowden and Jean Wall, Baton Rouge, LA #1R/A female FO 10-24-99,
Broad-tailed 11-6-99#2 R/A imm. male FO 12-7-99.
Joe Kleiman, Baton Rouge R/A Selasphorus FO 8-31-99
Nancy Murrill, Baton Rouge, LA R/A Immature FO 10-26-99, Buff-bellied FO
Diana Schlesinger, Baton Rouge Rufous mature male, FO 11-5-99, R/A type
immature male FO 11-5-99
Harriet Peuler, Baton Rouge, LA, R/A female type Selasphorus FO 11-6-99
Margie Griffith, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous mature male FO 11-8-99
Yvonne Bordelon, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous immature male FO 11-20-99,
Black-chinned immature/ female FO 11-22-99, Selasphorus immature/ female FO
11-22-99 Buff-bellied FO 12-21-99 #1Rufous Im. Male FO 12-24-99 #2 Rufous
im. male FO 12-24-99 #3 Rufous immature male FO 12-27-99, #4 Rufous
immature male FO 12-27-99,#5Rufous immature FO 1/25/00 #6Rufous immature
female - FO 1-25-000Allen's immature male FO 1-25-00 #7Rufous, im.
female FO 1-17-00
Abner Martin, Baton Rouge, LA Black-chinned female FO 11-8-99
Al and Cathy Troy, Baton Rouge, Black-chinned adult male 11-6-99, Rufous
adult male FO 11-16-99
Lily Edwards, Baton Rouge, LA Selasphorus immature male FO?
Andrea Murrill, Baton Rouge, La Buff-bellied FO 11-11-99
Karen Fay, Baton Rouge, LA Selasphorus R/A Immature male FO 11-30-99
Michael Andrew Seymour, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous mature male FO 12-5-99
Lewis Roussel, Baton Rouge, Rufous FO 11-23-99
Bob Raymond, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous FO 12-4-99, Rufous mature FO 1-1-00
Selasphorus immature male FO 1-1-99 Black-chinned female FO
1-15-00,Black-chinned female FO 1-25-00
Elizabeth Brown, Baton Rouge, Selasphorus immature male 12-4-99
Mike and Saly Allen , Baton Rouge LA, Buff-bellied FO 12-16-99 Baton Rouge,
LA, #1 Black Chinned - female, FO 1-7-00 , #2 Black Chinned - SY Male FO
1-7-00, Rufous SY male FO on 1-2-00
Bill Barton, Baton Rouge, LA Rufous im. male FO 12-21-99.Allen's adult male
FO 12-26-99.
Scott Knauss, Baton Rouge, LA #1 Rufous female FO 1-1-00, #2 Rufous adult
male, FO 1-21-00, #3Rufous female FO 1-5-00
Mark Swan, Baton Rouge, LA #1 Selasphorus female type FO 12-15-99, #2
S.Rufous im male FO 1-3-00, Black-chinned FO 1-8-00
Peggy & John McConnel, Baton Rouge, LA Black Chinned FO 12-15-99

Mike Musumeche, New Iberia, LA #1 Black-chinned adult male FO 12-7-99, #2
Black-chinned female type FO 12-7-99, #1 S. Rufous adult female(note change
in ID from Allen's) FO 12-30-99,#3 Black-chinned Male FO 12-31-99, #4
Black-chinned female FO 2-10-00

IBERVILLE PARISH 32 hummers 2 yards
Steve Cardiff and Donna, St. Gabriel, #1Rufous adult female FO 10-22-99,
#2R/A type
immature female FO 10-29-99, #1Calliope female FO 11-11-99(banded
individual (shared w/Van)Broad-tailed adult male, FO 11-13-99,
Black-chinned female FO 11-13-99, #3Rufous female type FO 11-15-99
#4Selasphorus R/A type immature male FO 11-19-99 #2 Calliope female FO
12-3-99, #5Rufous immature male FO12-4-99, #6 Rufous immature male
12-5-99.Broad-tailed female Hummingbird, FO 12-22-99 #3 Calliope female FO
12-22-99.#4 Calliope female FO 12-21-99#5Calliope female FO 2/1/00,#6
Rufous im. m. 12-30-99 #7 Rufous Ad. Female FO 2-6-00
Van Remsen, St. Gabriel, LA #1 Calliope banded FO 11-9-99 (shared w/Steve),
#1Selasphorus R/A type FO 11-13-99, #1 Black-chinned immature male FO
11-19-99,#2 S. Rufous/A female, F.O. 11-27-99.#3 S.R/A type immature male
FO 12-6-99, #2 Calliope FO 12-10-99.#4 S. Rufous/A female FO 12-11-99 #1
Broad-tailed FO 12-11-99, #5 S.Rufous/A female FO1-4-00#6 Rufous im. male
FO 12-31-99, #3 Calliope FO 1-29-00,#2 Black-chinned fem-plum. FO 1-23-00.
#4 Calliope female FO 2-20-00, #7 Rufous im. m. FO 2-6-00 (probably a
trespasser from Dittmann-Cardiff) , #8 Rufous ad. f. FO 2-17-00, #3
Black-chinned FO 2-18-00

JEFFERSON PARISH 22 hummers 6 yards
Nancy Newfield, Metairie adult male Rufous #1 returnee banded FO 8-8-99,
adult female Rufous #2 returnee banded FO 9-21-99 and adult female Rufous #3
banded FO 9-23-99, immature male Rufous # 4 banded FO 9-24-99, # 5 FO
10-14-99. Rufous # 6 FO 10-27-99. Rufous # 7 Immature male FO 11-3-99, # 8
Selasphorus immature female FO 11-9-99, Black-chinned mature male FO

11-9-99, #9 Selasphorus immature male FO 11-11-99 Rufous #10 adult male FO
11-20-99 #11Selasphorus, FO 12-2-99,#12 Selasphorus adult female.FO
12-14-99 #13 Selasphorus adult female, FO 2-8-00, Buff-bellied 2-12-00
Lee Rhodes Adult female Rufous FO 9-09-99
Roney Morton, Metairie, LA Buff-bellied(window collision) FO 12-2-99 ,
#1Black-chinned immature male FO 1-2-00? #2 Black-chinned im. male FO
1-2-00? Rufous FO 1-2-00?
Henry Ruiz, Metairie, LA , Buff-bellied FO 1-6-00
Cathy DiSalvo, Harahan, LA Jefferson Parish Buff-bellied FO 12-25-99

LAFAYETTE PARISH 33 hummers 17 yards
George Broussard Lafayette, LA Selasphorus female type FO 9-20-99,
Buff-bellied FO 11-22-99; Black-chinned FO 11-23-99, Selasphorus R/A female
type FO-11-28-99,Black-chinned adult male FO 11-30-99
Iona Bourque, Youngsville, LA Selasphorus female type FO 9-20-99
Danny Dobbs, Lafayette, LA Buff-bellied w/band FO 9-24-99, RUFOUS, imm
female, FO 10/25/99, Black-chinned imm male FO 11/15/99.
Dolly Granger Lafayette Adult Male Rufous FO 10-4-99
Brenda Cooper, Broussard, LA, Lafayette Parish adds, a Buff-bellied FO
10-22-99, Anna's FO 1-13-00
Bill Hoffpauir, Lafayette, La, Rufous/Allen's FO 10-23-99
Bill and Lydia Fontenot, Black-chinned HY female FO 11-6-99,
Black-chinned imm. FO 11-16-99
Gloria Knox, Lafayette, LA, BROAD-BILLED, female, FO 11/16/99,
Buff-bellied, FO 11-24-99, Rufous im. male FO 1-1-00,Calliope immature FO
Gail and Joe Adriano, Lafayette, LA Rufous female type FO 11-19-99
Linda Bourg, Lafayette, La Buff-bellied FO 11-5-99
Kay Drouant, Lafayette, LA R/A adult female FO 11-1-99 Calliope Immature
male FO 1-17-00
Jack and Rose Must, Lafayette, La, Broad-tailed, FO 12/1/99;#1 Broad-tailed
FO 11-16-99,#2 Broad-tailed FO 12-29-99?
Paul Fontenot, Lafayette LA, Black-chinned FO 12-19-99.
Troy Reitan, Broussard, LA S. R/A female type FO 1-13-00
Dave Patton, Lafayette, LA Rufous FO 1/18/00 Anna's FO 1-18-00
Olga Landry, Scott, LA, Black-chinned FO 1-17-00
Aulden & Laura Wickstrom, Lafayette, La., Rufous, adult male FO 1-10-00,
Black-chinned Ad. female FO 1-10-00

LAFOURCHE PARISH 21 hummers 7 yards
Lisa Robichaux, Raceland, LA Rufous FO 8-20-99, Rufous FO 8-29-99, R/A
Selasphorus immature FO, 11/7/99, Buff-bellied. F.O. 01/11/00
Sam and Beth Maniscalco#1 Rufous Male FO 10-26-99, #1 Buff-bellied FO
12-1-99 #2 Rufous female FO 11-29-99, #2 Buff-bellied FO 1-14-00 #3 Rufous
immature Male FO 1-29-00, BROAD-TAILED, imm. male FO 1-29-00 #3
Buff-bellied FO 1-29-00,#1 Allen's male FO 2-5-00, #2 Allen's female FO
2-5-00 #4 Buff-bellied FO 2-5-00, Black-chinned Hummingbird, FO 2/8/00.
Lana Downing, Mathews, Buff-bellied FO 10-27-99, Buff-bellied FO 11-6-99,
#2 Selasphorus R/A FO 11-6-99
Robert Simons, Thibodaux, LA Buff-bellied FO 11-3-99
Noby Ordogne, Thibodaux, LA, Selasphorus FO 11-23-99
John Conover, Thibodaux, LA, Rufous FO 11-30-99, Black-chinned FO 12-7-99
Paula Broussard Black-chinned hummingbird, female FO 1/14/00

LIVINGSTON PARISH 3 hummers 2 yards
Danny and Pam Daigle Arnold, Denham Springs, LA, Selasphorus R/A female
type FO 12-6-99

Bonnie Odom, Denham Springs LA, R/A type female FO 12-1-99, Black-chinned
Ad. Male FO 12-1-99

ORLEANS PARISH 22 hummers 7 yards
David Muth, New Orleans, LA #1 Rufous female FO 8-23-99, #2 R/A Selasphorus
10-21-99, and a Black-chinned FO 10-21-99, #3 R/A Selasphorus immature FO
11-2-99, #4 Second R/A Selasphorus immature FO on 11-2-99 Buff-bellied FO
12-24-99, #5 Rufous immature male FO 12-28-99, Black-chinned immature FO
1-2-00,#6 Rufous/Allen'type (near home NO) FO 1-2-00, Buff-bellied FO
1-8-99 #7 R/A adult female FO 1/23/00
.Charlotte Seidenberg, New Orleans Black-chinned immature male FO 11-2-99,
Rufous female F O 12-25-99, Anna's Male FO 2-01-00
Mickey McMahon, Algiers, LA Selasphorus R/A female FO 11-14-99
Glenn Ousset, New Orleans(LA Nature Center) Buff-bellied FO 11-28-99,
Broad-billed FO 12-11-99.
Tom Sherry, Algiers, LA(New Orleans) Black-chinned FO 990905, Buff-bellied
FO 11-25-99
Lita Pinter, New Orleans, LA , Black-chinned FO 1-7-00
John Sevenair, New Orleans, LA Orleans Rufous im. male FO 2-8-00,
Buff-bellied FO 2-27-00

RAPIDES PARISH 2 hummers 2 yards
Marty Floyd Cheneyville, LA R/A Selasphorus FO 10-31-99
Wayne and Becky Watkins, Alexandria R/A type FO 11-5-99

ST. BERNARD PARISH 2 hummers 2 yards
Glenn Ousset, Chalmette, LA Selasphorus FO Aug.
Jennifer Coulson , Arabi, La., Buff-bellied M. Male FO 1-7-00

ST. CHARLES PARISH 7 Hummers 2 yards
Felicia Borne Evangeline St. (Montz area) Buff-bellied FO 11-30-99(CBC
total: Buff-bellied, present 12-31-99 )#1Selasphorus ad. female FO
12-31-99(CBC), #2 Selasphorus Ad. female FO 12-31-99(CBC), Rufous Im. male
FO 12-31-99(CBC), Black-chinned FO 12-31-99(CBC)
Melanie Stephens, St. Rose, LA, Buff-bellied FO 12-7-99,

ST. JAMES PARISH 10 hummers 3 yards
Tom and Eloise Sylvest, Gramercy, LA Selasphorus F. banded FO 9-6-99, R/A
type FO 9-12-99, Rufous Male FO 11-2-99, R/A f type FO 11-2-99 Rufous
immature male FO 12-7-99
Black-chinned FO 1-16-00
Adele Berthelot, Gramercy, LA St. James Parish, Rufous/Allen's female FO
Mark Gilliland, Vacherie, LA St. James Parish S. Rufous im. male FO
11-24-99(Note revision)#2 Rufous immature male FO 1-25-00, #3 Rufous im.
male FO 1-25-00

ST. JOHN PARISH 26 hummers 5 yards
Susie Nowell, LaPlace, LA Buff-bellied FO 8-6-99, Black-chinned (shared
with Gene Street)
Ronald Stein, Reserve, LA #1 Black-chinned immature maleFO 10-18-99, #1R/A
type FO 11-7-99, #2Black-chinned female FO 11-14-99, #2Rufous adult male FO
11-29-99, #3R/A female type FO 12-1-99 #3 Black-chinned immature male FO
#4Selasphorus R/A type FO 12-27-99, Buff-bellied FO 12-28-99, #4
Black-chinned female FO 1-21-00#5Rufous female 1 FO 1-25-00, #6 Rufous
female FO 1-25-00#5 1 Black-chinned Im. Male FO 1-27-00
Gene Street, LaPlace, LA Rufous adult female FO 10-18-99, Calliope
immature male FO 11-14-99, Buff-bellied FO 12-1-99 Selasphorus FO 12-7-99
Buff-bellied FO 12-27-99
Melvin Weber, Reserve, LA 1 Rufous FO 9-24-99, 1 Selasphorus FO 10-17-99
and Calliope FO 10-21-99, Black-chinned immature male FO 11-20-99
Joe and Beverly Zeringue, Reserve, LA, Black-chinned Im. Male FO 2-6-00,
Blackchinned IM. male FO 2-7-00, Selasphorus R/A type female FO 2-7-00,
Rufous mature male FO 2-6-00

ST LANDRY PARISH 5 hummers 2 yards
Larry Miller, Lawtell, LA Rufous Male FO 9-7-99
June and Neal Walker, Grand Coteau, LA #1Selasphorus R/A type FO 11-14-99
#2Selasphorus mature female FO 12-14-99, #3 Selasphorus female type FO
12-14-99 Black-chinned mature female FO 12-14-99

Gary Broussard, Breaux Bridge,LA, BLACK-CHINNED, imm female FO 10-23-99

ST. MARY PARISH 1 Hummer 1 yard
Margie Luke, Franklin, Broad-billed FO 12-10-99

ST. TAMMANY PARISH 70 hummers 26 yards
Olga Clifton Abita Springs, LA AF #1Rufous banded FO 8-15-99, #2Rufous
juv. male
FO 9-9-99, #3 Rufous M FO 10-24-99, Broad-tailed F. 10-24-99, #4Selasphorus
type FO 11-19-99 #5Rufous im. male FO 1-5-00, #6Selasphorus R/A type FO
1-5-00,#7 Selasphorous FO 1-30-00 #8 Selasphorus FO 1-30-00, Rufous male FO
Yvonne Bordelon Covington, LA Possible Broad-tailed FO 8-21-99
Harvey and Marlyn Patten Covington, LA# 1Selasphorus F/type w/band FO
8-29-99, #2 Selasphorus. FO 9-13-99 , #3 R/A type FO 11-6-99, #4 Rufous
male FO 11-19-99,
Margaret and John Owens, Covington, LA #1Adult F. Rufous FO 9-24-99,#2Rufous
immature male FO 10-15-99, Buff-bellied returnee FO 11-3-99, Black-chinned
FO 11-9-99 immature female,#3 Rufous FO 11-16-99 #4Rufous immature female FO
11-16-99, #5Selasphorus adult female FO 11-16-99, #6Rufous FO 11-16-99
HY-F #7Rufous FO 11-28-99, #8 Rufous HY-F FO 11-28-99,#9 Rufous mature
female FO 11-28-99, Buff-bellied FO 11-27-99
Lisa Rhoades, Mandeville, LA Rufous FO 9-6-99,Rufous Immature male FO
Bedford Brown, Slidell Black-chinned FO 10-18-99, Buff-bellied FO 11-11-99.
Linda Beall, Covington, LA Calliope M FO 10-18-99, #1 Rufous M FO 10-24-99,
Black-chinned female FO 10-27-99, Black-chinned female FO 11-9-99 #2
Selasphorus R/A female type FO 12-25-99, #3 Selasphorus R/A female type FO
Christopher G. Brantley, Mandeville Selasphorus FO 10-22-99, Black-chinned
female FO 11-6-99(corrected date for emphasis)
John and Jane Brown, Covington, LA R/A Selasphorus FO 10-28-99
Sue and Larry Wilson, Folsom, LA Selasphorus FO 10-31-99, Black-chinned
female FO 10-31-99.
Bob and Ellen Fullen, Slidell, LA St. Rufous FO 11-1-99, and
Rufous FO 11-1-99
Peggy Siegert, Slidell, LA Buff-bellied FO 11-11-99 #2 Buff-bellied FO
11-11-99, Selasphorus FO 11-12-99 Black-chinned im. f. FO 11/4/9,
Black-chinned female chinned FO 1-2-00
Georgia Farnet, Slidell, LA, Selasphorous FO 11-20-99,Buff-bellied FO 1-5-00
Judy Leonard, Slidell, LA , Selasphorus, R/A female type. FO 11/24/99,
Rufous immature male FO 12-28-99.
Suzanne Fernandez, Covington, LA, Buff-bellied FO 11-24-99
Cliff Sloan, Mandeville, LA, Selasphorus FO 11-16-99(maybe shared w/Brantley)
Sally Young, Mandeville, LA , Black-chinned male FO 11-27-99
Sharon White, Slidell, LA Selasphorus FO 12-8-99
Charles Collins, Folsom, La. Selasphorus FO 12-12-99
Dennis Hubbell, Covington, LA Rufous im. male FO 12-13-99.
Dagma and Richard Rider, Slidell LA , Selasphorus FO 12-13-99
Virginia Villerreal, Mandeville, LA Black-chinned FO 12-18-99,
Buff-bellied FO 12-18-99.
Johanna Bell, Blond, LA R/A type FO 12-5-99, Rufous Ad. Male FO 12-12-99,
Rufous Immature Male FO 1-15-00
Barbara Brown, Covington, LA Broad-tailed immature FO 12-27-99
Kielo Ford, Abita Springs, LA #1 Selasphorus FO 12-30-99, #2 Selasphorus
FO 12-30-99.
Rosalie Whiteman, Abita Springs, LA #1 Black-chinned mature male FO
2-26-00, #2 Black-chinned mature male FO 2-26-00.

TERREBONNE PARISH 2 hummers 1 yard
Dave Coignet, Bourg, LA Terrebonne Parish, Broad-billed FO 11-20-99,
Buff-bellied FO 12-22-99

VERMILION PARISH 4 hummers 2 yards
Margaret Villamez, Abbeville, LA Buff-bellied FO 11-7-99(approx.)
Elizabeth Guidry Gueydan, LA , #1 Selasphorus R/A female type FO 11-8-99,
#2Selasphorus R/A female type FO 11-22-99, Buff-bellied Im. female FO

Warren Brou Jr., Addis, LA Rufous Adult male FO 12-15-99

Orleans Botanical Garden 3
Grand Point La. 1
Lutcher, LA 1