2017 Dr. George H. Lowery Award:

Dr. Frank R. Moore for his critical research on the behavior and ecology of neotropical birds migrating between their wintering grounds in Central and South America and their northern breeding grounds. In his research Dr. Moore has emphasized the importance of stopovers and the overall role they play in migration success. For many years he and his students have studied the availability of suitable habitat along the Gulf Coast during migration. Critical factors for migrating birds at these stopovers include acquiring food in a short period of time, avoiding predators, competing with other individuals for the limited resources, enduring unfavorable weather and being exposed to parasites and pathogens. For over thirty years Dr. Moore and his students have used the Audubon Society Peveto Woods Sanctuary in Cameron Parish as one of their research stations. Dr. Moore is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern Mississippi. In March 2017 he received from the Wilson Ornithological Society the Margaret Morse Nice Medal – the premier ornithological award bestowed by this international Society. He has published over 180 ornithological articles in distinguished journals during his extensive career and has mentored many graduate students who have continued his important research. We commend Dr. Moore for his lifetime of work defining the needs of critical stopover habitat and thus helping preserve these sites in Louisiana and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast.

Marty Floyd and Steve Cardiff present the Lowery Award to Dr. Frank R. Moore at the 2017 Spring meeting of the LOS.


LOS President’s Awards:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors Charles Adkins on this 29th day of April 2017 for their generosity and support in preserving one of the outstanding chenier habitats in Cameron Parish and Louisiana and making it available to the birding community. The Willow Island area in southern Cameron Parish, LA has superb habitat that provides food and shelter for migratory and resident species. Although Hurricane Rita recently damaged some habitat on Willow Island, the remainder is being preserved to provide needed support for migratory birds. The Louisiana Ornithological Society appreciates the dedication of Charles Adkins in preserving this outstanding habitat and making it accessible to LOS members during our semiannual meetings and special events.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors Gene Barnett and Bill Gover on this 29th day of April 2017 for their generosity and support in enhancing the Baton Rouge Audubon Society Peveto Woods Sanctuaries in Cameron Parish. Gene and Bill have constructed and placed many benches and feeders at strategic locations within the Peveto Woods Sanctuaries. These benches and feeders allow folks visiting the Sanctuaries to relax and experience the true beauty of the woods, birds and wildlife there. The Louisiana Ornithological Society appreciates the superb work of Gene Barnett and Bill Gover and their unselfish donation of time, materials and craftsmanship to our birding experience.

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