2016 Dr. George H. Lowery Award:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors DR. THOMAS W. SHERRY on this 23rd day of April 2016 for his long-term study of the populations, ecology and conservation of Neotropical-Nearctic migrating birds with special emphasis on factors as food resources and predators that limit populations. Many of the studies that he has directed have concentrated on Louisiana migrants and nesters as the Swainson’s Warbler and the American Swallow-tailed Kite with investigations focused on fragmented versus unfragmented bottomland hardwood habitats. Dr. Sherry has also investigated the impact of crawfish aquaculture and heavy metal contamination on populations of Louisiana’s colonial nesting wading birds. Another major focus of his research has been prey selection and the ecology of tropical migrants as the American Redstart in which prey types and sizes are studied at the wintering grounds, migrant stopovers in Louisiana and the breeding grounds. A professor at Tulane University, Dr. Sherry has directed the research of several graduate students who continue their work on Louisiana birds and habitats. He has published over 90 research papers in refereed journals and is a Fellow of the American Ornithologists’ Union. We commend Dr. Sherry for his lifetime of work enhancing and protecting the birding and wildlife resources of Louisiana.

Marty Floyd and Carol Lynn Lowery Loker present the Lowery Award to Tom Sherry at the 2016 Spring meeting of the LOS.


LOS President’s Awards:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors DONATA R. HENRY on this 23rd day of April 2016 for her strong contributions to Louisiana nesting bird research and conservation. Donata established the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survival (MAPS) station in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area in which she involves local residents and students in banding migrant and resident birds to study bird populations and conservation. Her primary research for many years has centered on the breeding biology and habitat selection patterns of Swainson’s Warbler within the Pearl River WMA. Because this site on the Pearl River WMA was clear-cut in the 1990s and Donata’s long-term research on breeding birds here predates Hurricane Katrina, she is studying a number of conservation issues associated with the Swainson’s Warbler and other breeding birds including the impact of intense forest management and storm disturbances on these breeding birds. A Senior Professor of the Practice at Tulane University, Donata not only conducts research, but also encourages students to learn about birds and bird conservation through the classes she teaches. In 2015 Donata was selected as an Honors Professor of the Year at Tulane. Donata’s dedicated work to further our knowledge of Louisiana breeding birds and her efforts to educate the public and her students about our birds certainly reflects her passion for birds.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors ERIK I. JOHNSON on this 23rd day of April 2016 for his strong contributions to Louisiana bird conservation and habitat restoration. In 2012 Erik was appointed the Director of Bird Conservation for the Louisiana Office of the National Audubon Society. In response to the 2010 BP Oil Release, Erik developed Audubon’s Coastal Bird Survey, a citizen science program across the Central Gulf Coast which he continues to lead. He also has established a comprehensive beach-nesting bird stewardship program in Louisiana through partnerships with local governments and organizations. Additionally, Erik has developed several bird-monitoring programs at Audubon’s Paul J. Rainey Sanctuary to understand the impacts of land management on marsh birds with a goal of enhancing coastal marsh habitat. He has conducted research on the effects of fire management on grassland birds (as Henslow’s Sparrow) of Louisiana’s pine savannahs. Erik established bird-banding programs at several public-access areas to both monitor migrating and resident birds and introduce the public to these birds. Erik’s volunteer work as Louisiana’s Christmas Bird Census Regional Editor, Louisiana Bird Records Committee Member, Baton Rouge Audubon Society Vice-President, Coordinator of Winter Hummingbird Records and Co-Director of the Louisiana Bird Observatory is a true reflection of his passion for birds.

Marty Floyd presents the LOS President's Award to Erik Johnson at the 2016 Spring meeting of the LOS.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors SAMMY L. KING on this 23rd day of April 2016 for his in-depth research in wetland processes and wildlife that today is guiding the conservation, restoration and management of these wetland systems. As the Leader of the Louisiana Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at LSU, Sammy has directed research on a wide range of wetland and waterbird issues including studies on the King Rail and other secretive marshbirds, forested wetland concerns of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and the reintroduction of the Whooping Crane to Louisiana’s marshes. Sammy’s critical research on potential Whooping Crane habitat at the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area in Vermilion Parish focused on available food and habitat resources at the site. As a result of his work and that of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the U.S.-Canadian Whooping Crane Recovery Team selected the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area for a long-term Whooping Crane reintroduction program. In addition to his wetlands research, Sammy teaches two graduate-level courses in “Floodplain Ecology” and “Restoration and Management of Wetlands” at LSU. Sammy King’s outstanding work to further our knowledge of Louisiana’s wetlands and wetland birds and his efforts to develop new leaders in this critical area are a true reflection of his passion for Louisiana’s wetlands and its wildlife.

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