2014 Dr. George H. Lowery Award:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors RICHARD DEMAY on this 26th day of April 2014 for his long-term commitment to Louisiana’s nesting and wintering birds of our beaches and marshes and his innovative approaches to educating and involving the public in appreciating and protecting our native avifauna. As the Senior Scientist with the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP), Richard has organized and overseen mainland and beach surveys for nesting birds as Wilson’s Plover and for wintering birds as Piping and Snowy Plovers. Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Richard and his well-trained team evaluated the impact of oil to barrier beach bird species over several years. Through Richard’s outstanding leadership, BTNEP co-sponsors several annual birding festivals, produces beautiful bird-oriented calendars for the public, publishes birding literature for both the novice and professional, has developed lesson plans for teachers that introduce students to Louisiana’s birdlife and encourages interested persons to assist in bird surveys as well as developing publications and lesson plans. Richard’s commitment to advance the conservation of Louisiana’s birds and other coastal wildlife is evidenced by his lifelong commitment to this area.

Richard Demay receiving the 2014 Dr. George H. Lowery Award.


2014 LOS President’s Awards:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors LAURENCE M. ‘MAC’ HARDY on this 26th day of April 2014 for his lifelong commitment to Louisiana’s avifauna and especially to educating and encouraging the public to enjoy and conserve the State’s birdlife. Mac was the driving force in organizing the Shreveport Bird Study Group in 1986. His multi-faceted leadership role in the SBSG has included hosting the meetings, managing the Society’s gift shop, editing the SBSG newsletter and providing guidance and encouragement to the organization. Through Mac’s leadership and encouragement SBSG members have compiled detailed bird observation records for over sixty years which provide an historical record of northwest Louisiana’s birds and led to the development of a detailed checklist for the birds of that area. Mac also encouraged the development and publication of the “Hotspot Guide” to birding in northwest Louisiana and was a major contributor to the Guide. Mac continues as an ambassador of birding by helping host winter LOS meetings, assisting and encouraging new birders and promoting the SBSG at every opportunity.

Mac Hardy receiving the 2014 LOS President's Award.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors MARTIN D. ‘MARTY’ FLOYD on this 26th day of April 2014 for his many contributions to the Louisiana birding community. For many years Marty has been a very active member of the Louisiana Ornithological Society and the Louisiana Wildlife Federation - both as an officer and as a contributor to organization projects. Annually, Marty has summarized and published in the Journal of Louisiana Ornithology the Louisiana Christmas Bird Counts. Marty initiated the Louisiana parish birding checklists through his publication of the “Birds of Acadia Parish” and his coauthoring the “Birds of St. Martin Parish” and “Birds of Rapides Parish”. Marty’s participation in Louisiana Christmas Bird Counts is renown – compiling several CBC’s annually and participating in many more. In addition, he is a regular contributor to several winter and summer bird atlas quadrangles and actively promotes and participates in coastal restoration projects in both southeastern and southwestern Louisiana.

Marty Floyd receiving the 2014 LOS President's Award.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors CHARLES E. LYON on this 26th day of April 2014 for his strong support of Louisiana birding and the Louisiana birding community. Charles is a coauthor of the recently-published ABA Birdfinding Guide: A Birder’s Guide to Louisiana – the first comprehensive Louisiana birding guide. In addition to being a patron of the LSU Museum of Natural Sciences, Charles has provided significant support to Louisiana Bird Resource Office. An active member of the Shreveport Bird Study Group, Charles regularly leads SBSG field strips, compiles the Shreveport Christmas Bird Count and surveys many areas of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge to provide baseline data of its avifauna. He also contributes to several winter and summer bird atlas quadrangles each year. Charles is a past member of the Louisiana Bird Records Committee and past-president of the Louisiana Ornithological Society. Charles always has time to assist a new birder confused on the identification of a bird or looking for a good birding hotspot.

Charles E. Lyon receiving the 2014 LOS President's Award.


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