2012 Dr. George H. Lowery Award:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors NANCY NEWFIELD on this 28th day of April 2012 for her long-term research into wintering hummingbirds in Louisiana. The first person to devote serious attention to western hummingbirds in the East, Nancy became fascinated with hummers visiting her backyard in the mid-1970s. In 1979 she received her permit to band hummers – then only the 12th hummingbird bander licensed in the U. S. or Canada. As a Master Bander, Nancy has trained a cadre of hummingbird banders throughout the U. S.. Through banding, color-marking and observations of others, Nancy’s research on western hummingbirds along the Gulf Coast has resulted in significant advances in our knowledge on hummingbird distribution, migration, behavior and taxonomy. Not only a superb scientific researcher, Nancy’s also a strong advocate for everyone enjoyint her favorite birds. She often does presentations to civic groups and bird clubs on Louisiana’s hummingbirds and has written numerous articles and three books about our hummingbirds.

Nancy Newfield receiving the 2012 Dr. George H. Lowery Award.


2012 LOS President’s Awards:

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors TERRY DAVIS on this 28th day of April 2012 for his dedicated surveys of vital bird habitats in northwestern Louisiana and publishing his results. Terry is well-known for his contributions to the Louisiana Bird Atlas, Winter Bird Atlas, North American Breeding Bird Surveys and Christmas Bird Counts. An enthusiastic birder desiring to share his avocation, Terry readily offers to help any birder visiting northwestern Louisiana find that special bird or just enjoy the local avifauna. An expert birder with a keen ear and superb knowledge of bird habitats, Terry Davis has discovered several Louisiana ‘firsts’ including Gray Flycatcher and Cassin’s Sparrow and always goes the extra mile to help others see these Louisiana rarities.

Terry Davis receiving the 2012 LOS President's Award.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors JEAN LANDRY on this 28th day of April 2012 for her many years of dedicated service to the preservation and enhancement of migratory bird habitat on Grand Isle. As Program Manager of the Nature Conservancy Grand Isle Field Office, Jean has responsibility for maintaining and improving the 41-acre Grand Isle Migratory Bird Sanctuary. With limited staff and funds Jean uses a variety of resources as securing volunteers to repair hurricane damage, working with local school groups to plant native tree seedlings, partnering with conservation groups to purchase additional lands and building public awareness by participating in the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration. Jean’s outstanding work has made Grand Isle a better place for birds and birders.

Jean Landry receiving the 2012 LOS President's Award.


The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors MELANIE DRISCOLL on this 28th day of April 2012 for her years of outstanding service to the avifauna of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. As National Audubon Society's (NAS) Important Birds Area Coordinator for Louisiana, Melanie worked with scientists and the birding community to identify Louisiana areas vital to birds so that conservationists and government can manage and conserve these critical areas. As NAS Director of Bird Conservation for the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway, Melanie is overseeing the NAS response to the BP Oil Spill - both as on-the ground leader in assessing impacts of the spill and as spokesperson to the media. In addition, she is developing conservation plans for the entire region. The future of Louisiana and its avifauna will benefit through Melanie's efforts to protect and conserve vital habitats.

Melanie Driscoll receiving the 2012 LOS President's Award.


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