Marty Guidry presents the LOS President's Award
to Peter Yaukey

The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors
Peter Yaukey
on this 18th day of April 2009 for his pioneering research into the short and long-term impacts of hurricanes on the avifauna of south Louisiana. His earlier surveys of birdlife in key New Orleans areas and his use of citizen research in other areas of Louisiana have provided a strong baseline to scientifically evaluate the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustave and Ike on bird populations in south Louisiana. Peterís continuing research tracks the recovery of birds in these regions and evaluates factors influencing their recovery. Basic data developed from these pioneering studies will assist scientists in developing programs to aid the recovery of our avifauna after devastating hurricanes and other severe weather events.

Nancy Menasco
President, LOS
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