The Louisiana Ornithological Society recognizes and honors
Bill Fontenot
on this 18th day of April 2009 for his outstanding efforts in educating Louisianians about birds and their habitats and encouraging them to develop bird-friendly landscapes. A true naturalist, Bill attracts a broad spectrum of people through his unique knowledge of birds and native plants. As Director of the Acadiana Park Nature Center for over 20 years, Bill established the flagship Fourth Grade Environmental Education Program as well as field trips, workshops and lectures for the general public. A prolific writer, he has captivated readers with his melodious writings on the fascinating life of local birds. Widely sought as a speaker, Bill brings a unique program to his audiences - blending his in-depth knowledge of native flora and fauna. Many a birder and native gardener got their start after attending a lecture or hike with Bill.

Nancy Menasco
President, LOS
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